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Dope D.O.D. – Beats for Love 2017

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00:02:18 Brutality
00:03:52 Redrum
00:05:47 XXX
00:07:40 Piro
00:09:27 Gatekeepers
00:11:57 The Day is My Enemy (Liam H Remix) (by The Prodigy)
00:15:24 The Butterfly Effect (note: not the full song, pretty much an interlude)
00:16:30 Smash
00:18:34 Gutta
00:20:32 Branded (note: Similar to The Butterfly Effect, also an interlude)
00:21:37 Trapazoid
00:23:17 Stanley Kubrick (original song seems to be in Italian)
00:27:56 Ridiculous (actually starts at 28:48)
00:32:38 Master Xploder (Jay Reaper sings his part first, and then it's Skits' part)
00:34:26 Spit In Ya Face
00:37:23 Psychosis
00:39:44 Rain Of Terror 2
00:42:55 Dark Age (another interlude)
00:45:23 Godzilla (Audio Remix) (by Mefjus)
00:50:00 Rocket (Divide & Conquer, not the actual song, but Dope D.O.D. splits the crowd and uses Rocket to test how loud the audience can scream)
00:51:55 Rocket
00:54:28 Dean (skit from Acid Trap)
00:55:12 Blood Shake (by Salmo)
00:57:55 Dirt Dogs
01:03:05 What Happened (1:01:04 if you want the part with Jay Reaper speaking to the audience too)
01:05:42 Under Control
01:10:24 Ridiculous (Oiki Remix) (no actual rapping or vocals, played from tape)
01:14:44 ILL DISPOSED - Jungle Dynamite (caps so it'd be more understandable)

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