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Darkshire in the woods News Video set

Videos from Darkshire In The Woods soon!

Do you remember those mighty videos we filmed at Darkshire In The Church in 2019? We had the chance to work with Darkshire events again this year and we will bring you some tasty video sets from Darkshire In The Woods (two-day festival!) soon πŸ”₯

Our members know already what DJ sets we are preparing for you now, so if you're curious, join us and get the exclusive access to all videos before their premieres: πŸ–€


Our team spent the weekend In The Woods and we have to say the atmosphere of this festival is unforgettable! Everyone felt the dark energy of the forest and enjoyed devilishly wicked mixes.

I would like to point out how amazingly the concept was realized, the organizers really paid attention to the details. Very strong reflectors from the second stage were giving fantastic effect also to the main stage area, but the "dark" theme was still preserved. (We are expecting our video sets will be darker than usual, because we would like to present the rave dark as it was!)

Photos by Bushman Media
Beast Jane