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V O E : “Where you belong?”

Landing from another galaxy, the Assie Adelaide duo V O E stopped on Perth label ProtoCode platform with a track of intangible power. Since 2018, Tevlo and CARZi continue to amaze the world of Drum and Bass music having already passed by big names like Liquicity, China’s Unchained Recordings and Black Sun Empire’s Blackout Music NL.

Coming out of this world, we meet electro bass waves that split into quantum time and metallic sounds scattered throughout the space. All this star dus is held together by the amazing voice of Tevlo.

Knowing very well that deja-vu feeling, i am aware now that „Where you belong” really showed me that I am in the right place and time while i was listening to it. If you didn’t dropped from the future 7 December, you still have time to prepare to catch it.  

Catalog Number: PRTCD016 Release Date: December 7th,2020 Buy: https://www.beatport.com/label/protocode/72117