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Kappa Futur Festival

The Italian Kappa Futur festival showed its strength once again

At the beginning of this year's summer holidays, we visited Turin ✈ 🇮🇹 to experience the true Italian rave at Futur Festival. Artists from all over the world alternated on 4 stages.

Radek Szirti:
I really like that the stages are simple and don't have unnecessary decorations like Tomorrowland. It's just underground. No one wonders what you are wearing, what color your skin is, everyone feels the love and enjoys the music and the summer. Everything works perfectly, the organization has no mistakes. 🖤

On Friday afternoon Michael Bibi made us dance at the Main Stage and I Hate Models at the Futur stage. Wooooow that was one hell of a techno ride.
At 10 PM we are returning to the Main Stage where Peggy Gou is performing, a great dance set.
We are tired, hotel in the city centre awaits.
Ups, the Italians have taken over, we're going to the after party.
We return next morning, tired but happy. 😁

Kappa Futur Festival

It's Saturday. Lunch, a walk through the city and quickly back to rave.
Thousands of people are already dancing, it's crowded and hot today.
Olála afternoon happy set by Camelphat, we are dancing at the Main Stage.
And the real party begin. Beer, shot, beer, shot, Solomun, Honey Dijon, Ricardo Villalobos, Pan-Pot, The Blessed Madonna.
People are dancing, jumping, no queues for beer anywhere, toilets are clean, just great organization. We have new friends. They're taking us to a private after party.

It's Sunday, we sleep until lunch. A walk through the city, Italian ice cream, pizza and let's go, another festival day awaits.
KING IS BACK - it's 3PM and Carl Cox is starting his Sunday afternoon show.
Splendid. 40°C. We are running into the shades, dancing, having fun.
Monika Kruse and Fisher at the Main Stage - ohh my gosh, this man is a devil.
It's Sunday evening and we have to go back to the hotel to be ready at the station at 5AM. Catching the train from Turin to Milan and
then the plane to Prague.
Monday 1PM, hooray we are alive and safe and sound in Prague.

Kappa Futur Festival

Kappa Futur Festival is one big love for me, it is a friendship, a place I always like to return to and an event at which I love to work with together.
We are looking forward to seeing you again next year and we recommend everyone to visit this beautiful place with us.
Big thanks to Bass Portal team, Steve Rose from London, festival crew and all party people from all around the world.


Beast Jane