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The Caracal Project Did It Again

21-year-old Felix, best known as The Caracal Project has been taking the world of drum and bass by storm since his first releases in 2018.

"Felix Burnod, the face behind The Caracal Project"

Putting out music for labels such as Impact Music, NËU and Neosignal, he has already made a name for himself throughout the scene with his easily recognizable production style.

After releasing this year's first track back in January, he is finally blessing us with two more works of art in the name of "All Our Duty" and "Expresso".

These two complete bangers are securing The Caracal Project his official debut on the Dutch label DIVIDID, as the tracks fit perfectly with the label's previous releases and overall groove.

With "All Our Duty", coming out on the 17th of April and "Expresso" on the 1st of May this year, we can guarantee that the wait will be all worth it. We don't want to reveal anything about the tracks, as they both give you an entire experience while listening, and essentially speak for themselves. We can only warn you about shiver inducing intros and unexpected drops.

We recommend paying close attention to The Caracal Project as he has been delivering pure filth up until now, and these two track are no exception!

The Caracal Project:






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