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State of Nature by Jolliffe feat Natty D

State of Nature by Jolliffe feat Natty D

When staying at home overwhelms you, musical escapades can be turned into real adventures. If you don't want to get lost among the Amazonian vines, follow Jolliffe, our guide, and his team Drum Army. Coming from North London, he enjoyed a fast rise among the listeners, having already releases on Shogun, Guidance, Delta 9 and support on Radio 1, Kiss FM, Rinse.

With his dark, minimal and soulful sounds that have become synonymous with his name, Jolliffe reminds us to take a break and smell the flowers. Take a deep breath and let yourself be guided by the voice of Natty D deep into the jungle, through the tribal drums, lost in a melodic line that inspires danger and adrenaline. Listen carefully to the echoes of the birds, feel the threat of rain in the air and let the adventure begin.

Jolliffe’s track is a really “State of Nature” and I can add another three-words preview to this one: Escape the City. Even for a few minutes, it is worth feeling far away, so make these moments longer listening to the whole Ep. No matter where you are, remember that music always gives you a way to escape, you just have to listen to it and follow the sounds.

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➔Released: 2021-03-23