#SaveThePortal – Is this the end of Bass Portal / DnB Portal? | Bass Portal
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#SaveThePortal – Is this the end of Bass Portal / DnB Portal?

We're calling all our fans to arms as we've started a crowdfunding campaign aiming to save the future of the project.

Bass Portal & DnB Portal are here for almost 10 years already - we're shooting video sets from various parties and festivals. Due to the pandemic, we're facing the risk of going out of business. Hence why we've decided to turn to our fans with a crowdfunding campaign designed to ensure the project's long-standing future.

You can learn all the details about why we need you and how can you help us in the video below and in the description of the campaign at http://bit.ly/SaveThePortalEN

We'd like to thank each and every one you very much for your ongoing support and we greatly appreciate any donation made as well as spreading the word around! 🖤

Aleš Portl