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Rido reveals the “Sexy Things”

Producer and Dj known as Rido hails from Czech Republic. Some may not know but he isn't a newcomer to the scene and released music on prestigious labels including Metalheadz, Trendkill and most recently Blackout. It was upon listening to his latest release on the iconical label, the "Say It Loud / Liar" single that we thought we would reach out and ask Rido a few questions regarding his love for music and influences in life.

Could you tell us about your background?

Hi! To put it shortly, when I was a teenager I fell in love with electronic music because of the Prodigy. After that I lived in London for half a year and was lucky to visit Sunday night Metalheadz sessions at Dingwalls. That totally blew me away. The music was really groovy, but dark and futuristic so after that I really got into drum and bass. In 2005 I went to study sound engineering to SAE in Sydney. And when I came back I started being more serious about music production and sound engineering. My first release on vinyl was in 2007 on a UK based label called Defcom. Things started to change after I released a single with tracks "Exoplanet" and "Poison" on Black Sun Empire label called Obsession and I sent my new track called Focus to Metalheadz and that led to a future collaboration.

First I did an EP with my friend Hybris called Prague Connection EP and then I followed that up with single release of Twisted and Core. That single was really important for me because it perfectly demonstrated my love for breaks, orchestra, big baselines and on top of that the addition of great vocals by the incredibly talented Thomas Oliver.

After that I released another EP for Metalheadz called Faith. It was then that I started to work with Black Sun Empire again after they launched their new label called Blackout. My first release for their new label was a colab EP called Optimum Trajectory with another friend of mine, the badboy known as Mefjus.

2016 saw the release of your a lbum Rhythm of Life which really had all styles of Drum & Bass catered for and really showcased yourself as a producer at the top of your game. Do you have any plans to release another album at some point?

Right now I am focusing on making more singles and EP's. Making an album is a long process but for sure there will be a time for another one in the future.

Producers have been mastering their craft and the result has had some great music released this year. Personally what was your favourite track of 2017? 

Wow, that's really hard to answer. There's too many to just pick one, but if i did it would have to be Blurred by Misanthrop.

How was playing at Imagination and Let it Roll this year in CZ? Do you play any other parties there regularly? 

Playing at Let it roll or Imagination is always a joy. And I always try to play something special. Another great thing beside the crowd energy is meeting with your friends from other countries to have a chat about life or studio struggles.

Blackout is one of the most praised labels these days. What drew you to release your music with them initially?

I would say there are at least two main reasons. Firstly it is run by great people that I can relate to as well on a personal level and secondly I like what music they release and their professional approach to things.

A lot of producers talk about writers block when laying a track down. How do you trigger your creative spark? 

Mostly its either new piece of equipment, life situation or movies. For example the main idea for the track "Sexy thing" I wrote when I bought a new synth. It was so inspiring!

Outside of music how do you keep your brain active?

Well I do read a bit and do a bit of sport.

I’m a massive fan of food. Almost too much! What would be your preferred munch?

Full fat whipped cream with strawberries and blueberries plus sprinkle on the top with 90% dark chocolate.

If you had the chance to remix any track ever made what would you choose ? Any reason for your choice? 

Ok, thats a tough one. If I could choose any track, I would love to remix anything from the Prodigy. If it was a DnB track it would be Colonies by Bad company.

I remember when I heard this track for the first time. It blew me away. There is everything that I love about dnb. Great musical intro with big pads and then the switch with the ultimate filtering bass line!

What other genres of music you like outside of DnB? 

I like music generally. I could listen to anthing from orchestral music across hip hop to minimal techno.

Lastly, any shoutouts?

Big shouts to every one that supported me and still does on my musical journey. I believe that I am just starting!

Ian Gallant