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RIDO: Inner Ballance

RIDO: Inner Ballance

Rido is back with another release on his own Rido music imprint, this time with a track titled "Inner Balance". The track title and the design of the single is meant to emphasize the importance of inner balance during these crazy times. Our state of mind is more important than ever to keep us motivated and in a good mood. Connecting more with nature can also play a big part in balancing the solitude of city life. Though we all miss the club life and the freedom of traveling and fulfilling our need to connect more with friends and the people around us, using a bit of this time to reconnect with our inner self might just be the right thing to do.

The track starts with tribal flutes that are pleasantly accompanied by a detuned analogue lead. To support the natural vibe, Rido adds a choir line that is tastefully balanced with a filtered synth line. The build up slowly rises with a low-passed reece that becomes the main focus of the track. After the main motif is established, a slight switch with an additional vocal and groovy percussion pushes the track to its peak. You can hear a little influence from early tunes by Concord Dawn and Konflict, with a modern twist on the sound and groove. The track naturally evolves into a breakdown full of spacy pads and electronic perc hits to create a calmer vibe before it rises again with the reece to the second drop.

RIDO: Inner Ballance

"We hope that you are treating yourself and the people around you with kindness and understanding and that you enjoy our latest release. And hopefully see you all soon at a great party!"

Catalog Number: RIDO_MUSIC_004
Release Date: October 7th, 2020
Buy: Bandcamp

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