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REID SPEED – Play Me Army

Certainly many of you are or have been fans of superheroes, so let me introduce you to a superwoman: Reid Speed. If you haven't heard about her, surely you heard about her label. Reid Rosson aka Reid Speed is a multi-genre DJ and producer who specializes in dubstep, drum and bass, trap, and electro who also owns and runs Play Me Records out of Santa Monica, California. Words are not enough for this pioneer of the bass music movement and for her unstoppable support for all the woman in the music industry.

Q: When did you discover your love for music and how particularly Drum and Bass?

R: I have been a rabid music fan since birth. I always used to listen to music every second I could, including to fall asleep. I used to make mixtapes from the radio and my own music collections, but when I went to my first rave I realized, you can make "mixtapes" live, for hundreds or thousands of people! The first time I went to a rave where there was jungle, I instantly knew that is where I belonged. I had never felt such a resonance. My heart felt calm and at home. My body made the best shapes. I felt pure love and joy.

Q: How was Play Me Records born and what was its evolution over time? Why have you chosen to include more genres instead of focusing on just one?

R: Play Me came about in 2009, when my friend Mark Subsonik hit me up to see if I'd be interested in doing A&R for a new label he wanted to start. His distributor (Symphonic) was so impressed with his output and sales they offered him a second label. He was doing only D&B then, so I decided we would do multi-genre heavy bass music. Quickly, Mark became disillusioned with what I wanted to sign and he left, and from there the label just took off. We first became successful as dubstep started to become a thing in North America, and our early signings helped define what became the "brostep" sound, but I always continued to push Drum & Bass as well as other bass genre, simply because I love so many styles of music!

I've always played multiple genres, and it just felt natural to release anything and everything that fit the "melodic, full frequency range, heavy bass music" vibe. Some of our earliest releases were from artists who became very successful like Dillon Francis, Vaski, Bro Safari, Figure, Dirt Monkey, Nostalgia, and Singularity (now Grey), later success stories include Eliminate, Slushii, Tisoki, Jarvis, Erotic Cafe, Prismo, Kumarion, and so many more.... Lately, we have decided to focus even more on Drum & Bass, seeing that there are not too many pure D&B labels in the US. and D&B has always been my primary genre.

Below you can find the most recent track of Reid Speed up now on all platforms.

Q: How would you describe your style and sound design when it comes to mixing and producing?

R: My production style is mostly having melodic ideas, then fighting with the VSTs to try & wrangle something playable and heavy enough from those ideas. That's why I collab so much, I've always been really hard on myself and always measured myself against impossible standards, like Noisia. WIth DJing, my style is mostly about feeling the vibes, reading the room, and trying to make a feedback loop to exponentially increase the energy. I DJ like I'd think a shaman leads a ceremony, I let the spirit flow thru me and show me what needs to happen. I never plan sets!

Q: If you could pick a track to describe you, which would it be?

R: Gosh that's an amazing question, but such a stumper! Prob something like Queen  - Bohemian Rhapsody, because it has so many different things jammed into one epic opus.

Q: If in a parallel universe you should have to be a cat, which cat would you be? Aspect and attitude included.

R: I'd be Nyan Cat!

Deep down we all know that there is no "I don't have time" there is "I don't want", because Reid Speed certainly manages to do them all, so give this wonder woman a listen and much gratitude for what she does.

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