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Prolix Beyond The Satellite

Prolix: Beyond The Satellite

Prolix has a story which stretches across a variety of labels including Playaz & Ganjatek, RAM, Shogun Audio and more recently Blackout for his epic album, however he’s found his home within the trenches of Trendkill, the label which he manufactured for himself, giving full creative freedom over his work throughout the years of its expansion whilst also offering a place for those who were attracted to the darker strains that drum & bass has to offer.

Prolix Beyond The Satellite

With rotation on the UK’s biggest radio stations as well as DJ support from across the dance music scene, Prolix is a household name. But it was Trendkill which helped him to build his brand and it’s this brand which is dropping his brand new single, a moving point for the producer in 2020 which symbolises he’s stronger than ever within the contemporary market. His music is a testament to that.

‘Beyond the Satellite’ is this single and its first breakdown leads into an epic introduction, through blaring horns and slamming drum patterns. As its progresses, the quick flitting sequences move through thumping sonics and bass rumbles that cut into its core. Despite is grimier undercurrent Prolix still manages to create a record which gets bodies moving, whether that’s at home or in long-awaited club spaces. And he does this without taking his foot off the throttle throughout. He makes himself heard on Trendkill, the label he’s engineered and one which has stood the test of time. Something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by his vast fan base.

Catalog Number: TKRUK037
Release Date: July 20th, 2020
Beatport Exclusive: July 6th, 2020

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