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Portal Development and Anniversary

🥂 150 000 YouTube subscribers & 10 years of DnB Portal 🥂

We are celebrating 10 amazing years and 150 000 lovely DnB people who watch our videos. Thank you for your support! We are very pleased that you enjoy our video sets and music. We will continue to deliver quality content for you so we will experience many more parties, festivals and Adventures together in the future 🙏🏼

Join our family and support our work http://bit.ly/DnBPortalFamily 🖤

We received some amazing feedback from you about how we improved the video and sound quality of our DJ sets. Thank you! One of our goals is to teleport you straight to the rave when you're watching the video. 🌌 That's why the quality is important for us more then ever and our team works hard to deliver the best output. 📺

Look how we evolved in the begining of 2021 🙏🏼 This year we were investing a lot to buy better equipment to improve the quality of our video sets and make the experience from watching it unforgettable. We are glad to move forward and serve you 4K resolution videos from fantastic parties and festivals. It wouldn't be possible without your amazing support!

We were using old GoPro cameras before 2021, see Aleš in the picture on the left side. The photo on the right was taken at Let It Roll: Save The Rave, where we were using a professional camera rig with stabilizer to film the DJs and the crowd. This year we were working with amazing camera crew, for example Krisztián in the picture, he was jumping with you all night and shooting the best moments in the crowd 😁

We also welcomed new team members, such as Dinara, who films amazing free-hand shots of the crowd or the DJ. Thanks to her the videos are much more dynamic and the feeling from watching them is more real. She never stops! She was holding the heavy camera in her hands for more than 4 hours during one night at Let It Roll: Save The Rave and filmed names like Netsky, Zombie Cats or Koven 😎
This picture of her was taken during Merikan's set at Darkshire In The Caves

Our team can't wait to bring you even more content, such as Bass Portal Adventures full of beautiful views or another sick videos from huge music festivals 🤟🏼

Beast Jane