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PortalCast #01: Pixie

Portal Cast #01: Pixie

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves as we introduce to you our brand new podcast series, Portal Cast! The first ever episode is premiering tonight, Friday 11th December 2020 at 18:00 CET and you can find the link to it below.

Portal Cast is a monthly podcast from the Bass Portal/DnB Portal team. In the podcast, we're mostly interviewing important figures of the Czech and Slovakian dance music scene, talking to them about music as well as various other topics, asking them about their experiences and opinions on the current state of things surrounding us.

The guest of the first ever episode of Portal Cast podcast is a great Czech DJ, a long-time promoter and the co-owner of Force Production, an audiovisual equipment rental company, Tomáš "Pixie" Mázdra. We've asked him about his 20-years-of-playing-DnB anniversary and how he sees the progress of the whole scene during that time. You can find answers to these questions as well as many more by clicking "PLAY". Enjoy the podcast! 

*Please note that the podcast is in Czech

Fallen Gemini