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Noodles EP by Kasra & Serum

Noodles EP by Kasra & Serum

Serum and Kasra team up for this very special ‘Noodles EP’. A somewhat unexpected pairing, they both bring the core elements of their individual styles to the table and cook up a trio of gritty tunes.

I loved working on this project with Mark, we come from different angles but when we started working on the tunes we knew it was going to come together easily. I love the mix of dark edge and dance floor groove.


Noodles EP by Kasra & Serum

Working with Kasra gave me a chance to go in an experimental and techy direction that I don't normally take. We went wild with the modular synth and effects to create a real cocktail of flavours with a real jagged sound. It's totally unlike anything I've made before so I'm hoping it'll be a pleasant surprise for the listeners.


Catalog Number: CRIT144
Release Date: 11/09/2020

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