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New label Focusfire Music and first release!

New label Focusfire Music and first release!

Focusfire, the nascent drum and bass supergroup comprised of Ignescent label owner Deen Pride and Asbest-based producer Fascad, have had a spectacular start to 2020. The fledgling Russian production team have already unleashed two EPs; their debut outing as a duo, the seven-track project Nonverbal, dropped via RAM Records imprint progRAM in April to rave reviews, and was swiftly followed by the Resolution EP on Ignescent mere weeks later. With plenty more unreleased music stashed away, the pair have decided to establish their own titular record label, Focusfire Music, as an outlet to release music from themselves and others. First up on the new label is the Locus EP, a thrilling four-track venture which serves as their third release to date.

Opener and title track “Locus” commences with windy soundscapes and polyphonic pads before springing into a bustling crescendo garnished with shrieking formant synths, resonant bursts of bass and rattling cymbals, resulting in one of the pair’s most imaginative arrangements yet. Next up, the snappy “Plunger” combines sustained, reverb-soaked piano chords with squelching bass stabs before erupting into a rugged drop accented by oscillating reeses and seismic basslines.

New label Focusfire Music and first release!

Every second of the ensuing rave weapon “Embargo” is brimming with meticulous detail. A stuttering number combining a wide array of abrasive synths and rattling percussion, the track is positively packed with unconventional, distorted sounds, making for a truly exhilarating creation. To close out the EP on an equally impressive note, the epic, cinematic rumbler “Bad Strategy” finds the duo joining forces with Sverdlovsk Oblast producer Agnostetics, marking the underrated Russian beatmaker’s first musical contribution in five years. Keeping the energy levels sky-high right up until the EP’s final notes, the percussive track combines clattering, woodblock-like foley sounds with staccato vocal cuts and bellowing synths, rounding off the project with the same level of pizzazz that we have come to expect from the fast-rising duo. With their own label now fully operational and its first offering serving as a puissant musical mission statement, expect to hear much more of Focusfire in the coming months.

Catalog Number: FFM001
Release Date: September 25th, 20200

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