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Nais Let's Rock - Neuropunk Records

Nais: Let’s Rock – Neuropunk Records

NAIS returns to NEUROPUNK RECORDS with his LET’S ROCK EP, the latest in an explosive series of releases across the neurofunk scene’s top labels including Eatbrain, Bad Taste, and a prior release on NEUROPUNK RECORDS with his EP “Dirty Bounce”. A diverse display of NAIS’ boisterous sonic character, the LET’S ROCK EP sees NAIS continue to build his meteoric momentum with a further four uncompromising tracks.

LET’S ROCK opens with a track by the same name, within which NAIS warps a funk fueled introductory instrumental with an uproarious bassline that allows space for the samples swung snares to step underneath. VISIBLE TRIGGERS takes a similar approach to its bassline synthesis, but instead stretches it amidst a rapid percussive sequence of ringing metallic timbre. The initial dubby atmosphere of JNGL follows next, taking the source material of the genre as the inspiration for a uniquely technical set of sounds. The braggadocious bravado of BOSSIN then closes the EP, perhaps most emblematic of NAIS boisterous sound in it’s hyperenergetic & funky bassline flow.

Nais Let's Rock - Neuropunk Records

With LET’S ROCK, NAIS returns to his NEUROPUNK RECORDS launchpad as he seeks to set out on a second sonic journey that sees him rise even further than the explosive success of his first.

Catalog Number: NRPNK010
Release Date: July 31st, 2020

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