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LEO WOOD - Cool Air EP ☀

LEO WOOD – Cool Air EP ☀

Fokuz Recordings was founded early 1999 by Dreazz who had been travelling up and down to the UK, buying and selling records for his shop & import distribution. Nowadays, we meet Fokuz as a label from Rotterdam powered by Triple Vision, a home for soulful drum and bass music.

This winter Leo Wood crossed the threshold with “Cool Air EP”  bringing together 4 amazing tracks and featuring 5 great artists : Dexcell, Reflektor, Mistrust, Villem and Mcleod. Leo is a song writer and vocalist based in Bristol who also releases her own music exploring the acoustic-electronic realm.

If you were looking for a warm and welcoming place, these tracks are perfect to make you forget about winter. With a smooth, fluid bassline that melts all the snow and a happy harmonic piano which no snowdrop could resist. But with premature spring also comes the sun which spreads its rays through Leo’s voice.

Soulful is the best word to describe such warm and overwhelming vocals, rising and shining over the melodic line and embracing all the light and joy in the world. And if u are still not dreaming about spring already, wait till “Lions”, listen to the 'sparrows', then open your eyes and smell the flowers.

Buy: https://fokuzrecordings.com/product/fokuz21115

Cat: FOKUZ21115