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Krakota - Pull Me In (ft. Karina Ramage)

Krakota – Pull Me In (ft. Karina Ramage)

The man, the myth, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student, the cat appreciator… Krakota shakes off the last remnants of lockdown dust as he touches down onto Drum&BassArena’s black and yellow runway for the first time in his career with a certified summer swooner.

Following vibesome sonic sledgehammers on the likes of Elevate and UKF, the Bournemouth-based Hospital graduate teams up with Karina Ramage to present yet another crystalline creation; ‘Pull Me In’.

Warming up with a velveteen string intro, a crafty balance of emotions and surging rushes ensue as we glide up and down on the euphoric peaks and troughs on a high horsepower breakbeat. Enter a gentle dusting of pianos, Karina’s surging tones and twinkling arpeggios and you’re not so much as pulled in but spirited away entirely.

Krakota - Pull Me In (ft. Karina Ramage)

Landing just as we farewell the final glimmers of warmth from the summer months, ‘Pull Me In’ is sure to keep the warm vibes rolling for the rest of the year, and is another swift reminder of the creative spirit that has persevered through the most challenging year our industry has ever seen.

Yet another gem from an artist who’s defied all 2020 curses and continued to deliver nothing but 170 gold. Hold on tight, you’re about to be pulled in…

Catalog Number: DNBA042
Release Date: August 28th, 2020

Aleš Portl