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Jomari - Cycles EP

Jomari – Cycles EP

When it comes to art, there are not the colors themselves that make the picture special but their combination. This also applies to music. This is how Deviant Audio, the Toronto based label, bring Jomari to light. Filipino by birth, Canadian by fate, is his cross and substance-fill artistic perspective the one that brought Jomari's deep bassline and unique style to public attention. Let's dig a little bit to discover the condiments of such a good recipe.

Q: Let's start by getting to know each other a little better. I know you’re not a Canadian pure blood, so tell us something about your childhood and your journey through American experience.

R: I was actually born and raised in Mississauga, Canada (a suburb of Toronto), but I'm the child of Filipino immigrants. I very much love being the son of Filipino immigrants in Canada, but it definitely has shaped my experience in a different way. I was raised with different foods, different interests, and different culture, all while being able to experience what its like to be raised in Canada. I never felt like an outsider, but I definitely knew I've been different my whole life.

Q: When and how did you discover your passion for music?

R: My mom and Lola were playing the piano we had in our house since I can remember, and I was also lucky to have an older brother who introduced me to hip hop and jungle at a very young age. They are the main reasons to why music is so important to me.

Around 1999 when I was 10 years old, I would borrow my brother's cassette tapes of live jungle sets recorded from Toronto parties.  I've loved this music ever since, and I haven't looked back.

I started DJing when I was 12, played in a band when I was 19, and started fooling around with music production when I was 23. So playing and performing music has always been an interest of mine

Q: So the force of the Universe that led you to Drum and Bass was your brother but what about  “Jomari” appellative ?

R: Jomari is a tribute to one of my favorite Filipino expressions "Susmaryosep", which translates to "Jesus Mary Joseph". It's something you say when you're in disbelief. So Jomari is a mix of the names Joseph and Mary, and is a tribute to my Filipino roots.

Q: Returning to our days, the long-awaited date of July 7 is approaching. I know it won't be the first release, but the first EP. How took place the creative process for “Cycles EP”?

R:  It's a mix of an old song I've been sitting on for some time (Cycles) and two new songs that I wrote fairly quickly and recently (Rover and Crossroads). The aim for all three songs was to write something that would make people dance and shake the room.

From a personal standpoint, I wanted to get myself out of the boring day to day work life, so during those studio sessions, I was very focused and very happy to be using my energy towards a creative outlet. I found that not burning myself out in the studio every day helped me be more creative and enjoy the whole process more.

Q: Describe each track in a few words or a phrase as a representative state of mind.

R: Cycles - Breaking down the mundane day to day

Rover - A personal exploration of new sounds

Crossroads - Taking the time to relax and enjoy the finer things

Q: Very heavy bass you have there. As a music producer, what element do you consider to identify with in particular? it can be a synth, bass or as a personal approach of making a track. 

R: It's definitely a split between the drums and bass (what a surprise lol). I love the rhythm and energy that the drums provide, and I love the feeling of a bass shaking your body while simultaneously melting your brain with some futuristic sounds.

Q: We can see a bright future for you on Deviant Audio. But travelling far away from Canada now, if you should turn into an instrument for the rest of your life, which would be and why?

R:  A set of drums!! Rhythm and beats are the driving force of my life, and I love the incredible amount of energy a stripped down drum set can provide.

I think we all should maintain a balance between work, passions and pleasure and Jomari sure know how to deal with all well. Something extra will not be an extra every time. "Cycles Ep" is about enjoying the little things and remember to take time to smell the flowers. So take some time for these wonderful tracks too.

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-> Released: 14th July

-> CAT: DEV025