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Jobs / Careers

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We are looking for people who are passionate about music as we are, who would like to become our new team members and shape the future of our projects. Don't hesitate to let us know if you don't find yourself in any of the listings below, but would like to contribute anyway as we still may find a way to cooperate.

For contact, please use our contact form.

Writer / Copywriter

Are you enjoying writing articles? Do you like to inform people about what's going on around? We will give you a platform and opportunity to express yourself as freely as possible as long as it is about music or musicians. We may provide you some topics too.

Editor / Corrector

We want to have our articles as readable and correct as possible so we are looking for someone who enjoys reading the text and correcting anything what may be off - from spellcheck or composition to visual style or technical requirements for data.

Editor in Chief

It would be your responsibility to oversee the team of people we described above. We would like to get someone who will actively follow up with the music scene to be able to provide topics and ideas for the team to work on.

Graphic designer

Are you into design and music? Would you like to shape the future of our brand visually? We are looking for someone who would utilize the potential of our brands and we'll take it all a step further together. Or even few smaller steps, everything counts.

Social media content creator

Do you enjoy posting on social media? Are you overflown with ideas for interesting content to share almost every day? Then this position is tailored exactly for you! We will be helping you along so you would not be alone on it.

Live streaming dramaturgy

For Prague based people only. Are you acquainted with the music scene? Would you enjoy planning our live stream line-ups and booking the chosen djs? Then don't hesitate to let us know and you may become a part of our Bass Portal Live concept!


Let us be clear on this - mostly it wont be money as sadly it was never the case so far. We don't have any sponsors or large sums which would enable us to evolve faster or more effectively. That doesn't mean we have nothing to offer to people who are passionate about music as we do - quite the opposite actually! Whether it would be merch, tracks, event tickets, meeting renown djs or other perks - we believe that we'll find a fitting "barter" payment for your work.