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Interview with Telekinesis

The Slovenian duo Telekinesis got together some eight years ago. Pretty much right away they managed to get their music signed on the notorious Viper Recordings and Breed 12 Inches. They followed that up with tracks on Bad Taste and it climaxed with a superb remix of Black Sun Empire and few more bits on Blackout and Eatbrain. The word on the street is that they are preparing their debut LP for this year. Nothing is certain yet but it looks like it might even come out on the mighty Blackout Music. They will have the opportunity to showcase their specific dark sounds in Czech Republic this friday with their premiere gig in Moravia along with A-Cray. Thanks to cooperation with Mindicted crew, who are behind this particular party, we bring you this exclusive interview with Smooth and Markoman, the two members of Telekinesis.

Hello guys, could you introduce yourself a little bit? Of course. We are Telekinesis and we love making big/dark and heavy dnb! Also....we are kinda cool with them teleportation skills and all that :) What are your plans for 2017? We did two collabs with L33 and also have one really big tune finished with Nuklear MC. The plan is also to finish another EP for Blackout. So a lot of new stuff is coming out this year ! You haven’t released anything on any other label than Blackout for quite some time. Why? We actually have an exclusive deal with Blackout. That happened the fist time we released with them. Which was perfect because we were looking for a good label to settle down. Also they are cool with us sometimes also releasing somewhere else which is really nice. Then they asked us and we couldnt be happier and are very proud to be part of the Blackout crew!

What is your dream collaboration? That is a tough one. There are so many great producers out there. But one of them are defo Black Sun Empire.... We have been talking about it literary for years. But it will happen one of these days I promise. Are you watching the newcomer producers in DnB? Who are your favorites? Yes actually that is something that I really enjoy. Listening to new artists and knowing which ones have sick new tunes. Disprove is I think a really talented producer. I really enjoy Hypoxia too. There are quite a few newcomers but I have to say these two are standing out. Do you like to play a gig with an MC? Yes usually I would say that Mcs are great addition to the sets. I feel like they hype the crowd even more. Especially when they are good and also know that there are moments where it's better to be quiet as well. What was the first track that got you into D&B? The first track was, I believe, Bad Company – Planet dust. That was the first DNB tune I heard coming from metal, punk, hardcore etc. And when I first heard the tune I wasnt sure what kind of music this is. But sure enough I could not live without it any more.

What aspects of DnB music and subculture do you like and what aspects would you rather change? I pretty much love the whole scene. I call it true love. When I was a kid I was trying to train a lot of different sports and had a lot of different activities but not even one stayed in my life constantly. D&B did. And the whole scene around it is really fascinating and full of positive people no matter where you are in the world. That is the good thing about music in general I believe. It connects people around the world. What kind of music did you listen to when you were 12 years old? Uff, that is so far in the past. I assume I did not have a style of music that I listened to religiously. It must have been general radio stuff and probablly some Slovenian bands like Čuki and Pop Design. Check it out! Do you prefer club, or outdoor events? I don't have a preference in this case. I love both. Both have different vibes. For instance in a club it is always more personal but at a festival it is always bigger. So yeah, both have their own charms. What do you imagine, when you think about Czech D&B audience? I dont have to imagine as I know for a fact that parties and people in Czech are always great and people in general are not afraid to party their brains out there. So I am really looking forward to go there again and also Czech is pretty much one of my favorite countries to play in.

What was the best venue you ever played at? Hmm, that is also a hard question as there were many great venues. One of them is Fabric which is already legendary by its name. And the vibes in that club are very unique and special. So if you would put a knife on my neck and said that I had to pick one...that would be the one. And a last question. Is there something you would like to say to your fans in Czech Republic? Yes for sure, I would like to say that I am really looking forward to coming back to your beautiful country, play some heavy music and enjoy the company of good people!