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Interview with Killbox

Ben Settle and Gareth Greenall aka Ed Rush and Audio, have been destroying dancefloors all over for more than a year now with their alter alias KILLBOX. After the recent hype and success from their latest ‘Pleasure Palace’ LP; we managed to catch up with the deadly duo to see exactly how these two legendary names of DnB came to join forces, and what they have in store for us next.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat! How are you enjoying your time now you’ve finished the LP?

G – Yeah it’s really nice to sit back for 5 minutes and relax now it’s out there, we worked hard on this LP so it’s great to see it being well received across the board.

B – It’s hard to take your foot off the gas, but with this weather my studio is too hot to work in at times, so I’m forced to take a break. Not that I’m complaining!!

The last 2 years must have been quite a rollercoaster for you both! Is Killbox taking a lot of focus from your individual projects at the moment?

G – Killbox is the main focus at the moment. I’ve put out 4 LPs and countless singles and remixes out as audio, so it won’t cause any harm to take the back seat for now... but I’ll be back!!!

B – Yes, almost all our energy is on the Killbox project right now. We are really enjoying the process and would like to maintain the momentum we have behind the project.

Tell us about the album. How long had you been working on it for and what was the inspiration behind it?

G – From the projects inception we were working towards a long player. It was just a matter of writing enough material so we had plenty to choose from when it came to putting the album together.

B – We wanted a diverse LP. We have both been influenced over the years by many different styles and wanted to reflect this on the album.

You can definitely hear bits of both of you in these tunes. Do you have a process to who works on what, or do you both an equal input? 

G – We just work on stuff constantly. It may be me making an intro and Ben doing some drums, then we do basslines together or I have a bassline and Ben comes with the textures, There’s always something to get the vibe going.

B – Sure, we may have our particular strengths in certain areas but we are both well rounded as producers so ideas are always available. It keeps it interesting to be working on different aspects rather than having very specific set roles.

The cover artwork is very interesting; you’ve got a tattoo parlour upstairs and a brothel below! Is this a representation of your lifestyles? ;)

G – The artwork really brought the whole thing to life, we’ve had as many comments about the music as we’ve had on the cover. The tattoo shop is definitely part of my life, although I am trying to get Ben to get his first sleeve, but he is a little resistant.

B – Hahaha, maybe not a representation of our lifestyles but our vision of a Pleasure Palace for sure. I mean what more could you ask for? =) We have been blessed with some amazing artwork indeed. I have always toyed with the idea of having tattoos but haven’t committed to anything as yet. I do love the Japanese style tattoos with the Koi carps and mythological creatures, and if I was to get a few they would probably be in that style.

What brought about the decision for you guys to form? Did you approach RAM with the idea first? 

G – We did a back to back at fabric for the Bad Company UK reunion, and we had such a good time we decided to turn it into a project. Once we had some demo tunes, we approached RAM and the rest is history.

B – Yes, it all stemmed from that legendary set at Fabric. Gareth was already signed to RAM and we wanted a good team behind us to really help push the project, so it seemed logical to sign with them.

How did the recent remix come about for ‘Invaders Must Die?’ We’ve got to say it’s absolutely gutter! 

G – Thanks, yeah it’s not bad for 2 days work. It was a great honour to remix The Prodigy especially for such a good cause, but we got stems on Sunday and turned it in on Tuesday ...madness.

B – We were asked by the label if we would like to be involved. It was such a worthy cause and when we heard there was a chance to remix The Prodigy we jumped at the opportunity. Both of us are massive fans and it must be a dream for most, if not all electronic music producers to get their hands on a prodigy remix!

As pioneering legends from the dark side of DnB. What are your views on the modern day neurofunk sound right now? 

G – There’s not enough soul/vibe/funk or whatever the word you want to use. There’s a lot of tunes that really don’t stand out and the focus is concentrated on drum transients and RMS levels, rather than ‘this a good tune’ or does it just hit all the places in the frequency spectrum that satisfies the ear. Unfortunately you can’t get a vibe from a youtube tutorial.

B – I think it has really pushed the boundaries with sound design and producers have become more experimental and creative with meta rhythms and song arrangements, which is really cool but it reaches a point where it all needs to be reigned in and return back to basics. At the end of the day it is dance music we are making and producers need to remember that. Music trends are like fashion. Different styles may be more or less popular at different times. They all move in cycles. It is amazing to see that young producers want to make that neurofunk sound but it has been saturated with underwhelming tunes that sound good, but as Gareth mentioned they have no soul or identity. I can see it moving towards a more minimal, rolling style that is more accessible to most people.

What else have you got in store for us this year? Any more other releases lined up that we can look forward to?

G – The next LP, maybe more remixes, but I think we’re both buzzing to get onto the next LP.

B – Yes, all focus is on the next album and keeping it moving forward. I am excited to see what we can come up with for the next one.

Finally, if you could add an additional member to Killbox – who would it be?

G – Virgil Abloh so he can keep designing Nikes for me.

B – James Brown, although obviously impossible and a bit of a diva, he would definitely bring bags of funk!

Thanks very much for taking the time to chat to us guys!

Hollie Kisscut