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Interview with Dossa & Locuzzed

Hello guys, are you looking forward to your first ever party in Czech republic? Definitely, It's our first time playing there so we are sure looking forward to it! Can you characterize Czech republic in 5 points? 1. Bedrich Smetana 2. Budweiser and the +420 telephone country code 3. New Years Eve in Prague! 4. Vendeta! 5. Friendly Chinese people selling all kinds of things at the border to Austria. What brought you to the electronic music? How did you get together? You are not so long on the dnb scene ,but you catched attention of the Viper recs and  have signed to the them. What was the main thing,according to you, which helped you with signing? Dossa: Well actually we're quite long in the dnb scene! I started producing with 14 years after my brother led me into electronic music around 2005, I got into dnb a year later and was releasing on dfferent lables since 2010 – We just decided to team up in 2015 and do things properly, what led to our signing on Viper. Locuzzed: Exactly, I'm also into producing dnb since 8 years now, came to it as I wanted to program a game and needed music for it – somehow I got stuck with making the music. We kept sending tunes to futurebound since we joined forces, and in 2016 he brought an exclusive deal to the label.. What does you writing process looks like? You are two guys,do you argue a lot? In the last time the writing process pretty much takes place in Dossa's living room, where we put up all our gear and just jam around from day to day. Usually we swap projects and just go ahead with eachother's ideas – so we have our full creative freedom and do not have to argue a lot. What is your the biggest achievement besides signing to the Viper recs.? Hard to say as many really remarkable things happened the last year. I'd say either getting played by our Childhood hero, Roni Size, or playing our biggest gig so far at Nu Forms Festival in Wiesen, Austria What about Austria dnb scene? I know UAF festival and producents like Camo & Crooked, Fourward,Body & Soul,Score or Dorian. Well then you already know some good things! UAF has gotten „Nu Forms“ now and is strictly Drum & Bass – it speaks for itself that the DnB scene in Austria is really massive. Everybody knows at least a tune he's got in a playlist – golden times for our genre! Can you recommend to us not so known name from Austria scene, which we will definitely hear more in future? There are a couple of producers and crews to watch out for! Especially IN:DEEP music and Fresh records have a good potential in our opinion, releasing tunes from artists such as Wingz and Phentix. Can you choose 5 tracks which influenced your production? In no particular order: Lemaitre – Fiction Camo & Krooked – Turn Up (The Music) Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You Herbie Hancock – Chameleon Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something You will perform with Tantrum Desire on Vendeta. What do you think about their production? Have you met them before? Sick! He kills it again with every release – really insane. We've met Devon a couple of times, who is not a part of Tantrum Desire anymore – looking forward to finally meet Jay! You are going to play b2b. What we can expect? Funky Drum & Bass with a strong dancfloor attitude – let yourself surprise! Thank you for your time. Looking forward to the party:)