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Interview with Cyantific

We talk to Viper Recordings’ exclusively signed artist Cyantific about his most recent single and highlights from the summer festival season. Firstly, could you give our readers a little bit of brief history about what Cyantific consists of or has consisted of in the past, the labels you have worked with and how the name Cyantific came about? I've worked with Hospital, Ram & Critical and went solo from previously being a duo in 2009. I'm now signed to Viper Recordings. The name Cyantific just sounded cool!

Your most recent single release entitled Under the Neon / Hollywood is two upfront dance floor anthems. Has the big room style of Drum & Bass always been what you aspired to produce or do you like experimentation in your productions? You can be experimental within any form of music. I like making music for people to dance to, and have fun with. I have great respect for the deeper stuff but it's not something I'm interested in making. Cyantific has been a name strongly recognised in the Drum & Bass scene for a while, but what personally do you think has grown your name to the status it is now?  I think staying consistent is the key to longevity. You always have to think about how to evolve your sound, while staying true to what you believe is right. If you can strike that balance people will come with you. What influences do you have on your signature style?  I'm very into a lot music from the 1980s, be it electro, pop, funk or sound track stuff. It was a decade of real experimentation with electronic sound. It was also the decade I was born in, so as is common in music, it's something I like to reference. It's a way of staying in touch with your childhood. With the summer festival season drawing to a close, have there been any stand out moments for you this year? Audioriver in Poland was a highlight, also EDC in Las Vegas. The production at EDC is on another level!

Have you had any funny experiences whilst at parties you can share with us? We lost Phil Brookes for a few hours after EDC. He was found wandering around the casino looking very confused. You'll have to ask him where he went! I recently saw on Twitter that you are working on an album. Is it going to be mainly Drum & Bass orientated or are you looking to push a multi-genre project upon us all? I'm pretty sure it's going to be all drum & bass. There's so much that I want to say within the genre that I don't really feel the need to make anything else right now. Any upcoming producers we should be keeping an eye out for? I'd say keep an eye out for Dan Dakota. He's a big talent. Shout out to all the heads!

Ian Gallant