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Interview with Air.K & Cephei

Since they're coming to Czech Republic for the first time this weekend, we've interviewed the up and coming Austrian duo Air.K & Cephei. Those two young guns debuted with their early releases last year, first, their tune Duality got featured on an EP released at Mainframe, later they've got several tunes signed and released by the well-known Dutch imprint focusing on liquid drum & bass - Fokuz Recordings. Today (14th May) they are playing at HIGH SOCIETY night at Prague's UHELNA club, which is also their first ever performance outside of Austria.

Hey guys, first off, as some may not be familiar with who you are and what you do, please introduce yourself! Johannes (Air.K) and Uwe (Cephei). Born and raised in Klagenfurt, a small town in southern Austria.

How did you two got together in the studio? Have you know each other for years and have you been friends before or was it a lucky coincidence you've met somewhere? J: Nono... We first met in 2005 at a local dnb party. Uwe was new to the scene but I was already into it, because my brother "Concept" (C.I.A Records) was a DJ and Producer at the time. U: Basically Johannes showed me Drum n bass back then.

Did your passion for drum & bass started with raving, DJing or producing music? First we only went to parties. Then our interest in Djing was getting bigger and bigger. After a few years we decided to jam a little bit in the "basement studio" which was a macbook and some hifi speakers at the time :-D. After the first session we already felt THAT connection and that we are sharing the same ideas.

How did you end up signing your debut tune to Mainframe? Was it a conscious decision to try and reach out to a "local" drum & bass imprint or did you know Disaszt from before? As everyone does it in the beginning, we sent a lot of demos to different labels. Daniel (Disaszt) wrote us back, that he is interested in releasing our demo, which was “Duality”. A few months later, our debut was released on Mainframe.

It seems Fokuz has recognised the potential of your output and "snapped" you - how did that happen? Yes, we are so happy, that Marco from Fokuz is releasing so much of our music. It’s so great to see, that a big and well known Label like Fokuz is supporting newcomers and young talented guys. We send Fokuz some demos and Marco was very interested from the beginning. That’s how the Fokuz Story began.

What's your studio routine? Do you split roles when you're producing or do you both take part in every single step of production? Do you even get together somewhere or do you just bounce ideas over the internet? We are producing every tune together. When we start with a new tune, we almost build every tune around a sample. The rest is  simply trying out different styles for the song and getting ideas together.

A bit of an obligatory question, what do you think about the scene in Austria? The Austrian DnB Scene is huge and it’s getting bigger and bigger. The audience is much younger and hungrier that it was a few years ago. Also the producers… We got names like Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Dossa & Locuzzed, DKay, Ill Skillz and much more. We got a talented MC called MC Daxta, which had his first UK gig last week. Also countless DJs and crews. So you see, the scene is big here.

As far as DJing goes, what can you tell us about yourselves? Do you prefer playing out together? Of course we prefer to play together, because we’re having so much fun during sets.

I know HIGH SOCIETY is your first gig abroad, how do you feel about that? And what can we expect to hear from you on Saturday? We are very excited to play in Prague, because the Czech DnB Scene always was a great scene for this genre. We will not reveal too much but it will be a mix of some new tunes we’ve made, some classics and new stuff we received in the last months.

Any fun stories either from parties or studio you'd be willing to share? NO COMMENT :-D

Your very own favourite thing in the world? (only one) MUSIC

Last, but not least, any shouts? Shouts to Fokuz Recordings, our Friends, DnB Portal for the great support last year, High Society DnB Night and the Czech Drum and Bass Scene!