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Interview: Kyrist

The rising star of British Drum & Bass scene, Kyrist revealed in an exclusive DnBPortal interview why she thinks that contemporary electronic music is dominated by men and how she overcomes her problems with lack of concentration while writing music. Hi Kirsty, first off could you give me a brief description about you and the labels you have close connections to and have released on in the past? Hi there! Ok so, for those who may not be familiar with my music; I write Drum and Bass, of the techy kind, although I’m into pretty much all that this genre has to offer. I have had releases on Proximity Recordings, Nurtured Beatz, Vandal Records, Dutty Audio, Dispatch LTD and a few others. My most recent release was back in November on Formation Records, which was a collab track with Critical Impact on Deep Sound Vol 2. Your style of production is very minimal influenced. What drew you to this subgenre of Drum & Bass? I’m not really sure what drew me into the minimal side of things; when I write music, I tend to not think about the final outcome or how I’d like it to sound in the end, I just experiment with different plug-ins and keep playing until I’m happy. Some of the sickest basses I’ve made have been purely by chance! I was, and still am, influenced massively by Break, DLR and Noisia. I wouldn’t say that I try and replicate their sounds, but I definitely try and figure out how they went about making some of them. The outcome never sounds as good as theirs, sadly though! One day maybe :)

Being a female DJ & producer that has just signed to Bassic Agency and releases on the biggest labels why do you think the scene is predominantly male and what advice would you give to any upcoming artists looking to reach their goal? I have been trying to figure this out for a few years now, and I’m still no closer to answering it. I think because generally, Drum and Bass is pretty aggressive, right! The fast tempo probably intimidates most people who may not be used to it. I don’t think it’s just DnB that is male orientated though, it really is across the board in all forms of music; ladies are rarely behind the buttons. Obviously there are a few exceptions though! It all depends on what those goals are really; but I’d say a good starting point would be just know your craft inside and out, be confident and true to yourself, do your homework and take on board every criticism that is thrown your way, it’ll definitely help you in future. Aside from Drum & Bass, what other musical genres influence you as a person ? I listen to a lot of 80s Soul and Funk, I can thank my mum for that influence. I think just listening and vibing along to it makes me feel a lot more uplifted when I’m feeling low. Other than that, I’m into all sorts, I do spend most of my spare time trying NOT to listen to DnB, so it’s mainly other forms of electronica. Synkro, Thelem, Submotion Orchestra, Djrum, The Internet, Kaytranada, Iamnobodi, GoldLink, and The Mouse Outfit are artists I listen to on a daily basis!

Outside of the studio is time to dwell on ideas and also create new ones but how do you find it personally the best way to keep the creativity flowing and enthusiasm alive ? This is something I’ve always struggled with, and it infuriates me more than anything! I get distracted so easily so maintaining concentration is a big problem for me, so it’s something I’m working to improve on all the time. I would say one thing that helps me is actually going out to events, listening to what new dubs are floating about and just taking note if the crowd reaction is a positive one, and then working out what I can take from that. Also turning your phone off is a massive help if you’re prone to checking it pretty often like I am! With drum & Bass booming in 2016 and set to hit new heights what are you most looking forward to over the next coming year ? I’m looking forward to Boomtown festival, I’m not playing any sets, just going with friends again because last year was absolutely insane - I highly recommend it! Also Outlook festival - I can confirm I will be playing there, no more details as of yet though, so keep an eye on my artist page on Facebook for updates! Any additional information you want to promote ( gigs / releases etc )? Next up I’m playing at Sub:Kulture @ The Purple Turtle in Reading on 8th April. Keep your eyes peeled for my EP dropping on Dispatch, and a release on a VA album for Addictive Behaviour, both later on this year!
Ian Gallant