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Interview ✖︎ BCee

Only few artists can be branded as the true ambassadors of contemporary liquid-funk Drum&Bass. The owner of Spearhead RecordsBCee is undoubtedly one of those who deserve such title. Thanks to his visit to Czech Republic next Friday we managed to snatch an interview with the legendary mastermind behind Spearhead. The interview revolved not only around managing the label and working alongside Villem on The Vanguard Project but also around Bcee's forthcoming album and his involvement in charitable activities. Hi Steve, how are you doing these days? What keeps you busy? Well there is my wife and daughters, running the label, producing, DJing and my part time day job.  So that’s enough. Just a few days ago you started crowdfunding campaing for your next album. Can you tell us the story behind this idea or just something you didn’t mention yet? I think I’ve said all I want to say about that for now. If anyone needs more info they should check out this page. Recently there was also a lot of talk around a special charity endorsement from you. I believe it had something to do with you shaving your legendary beard. Can you tell us something more about it? A friend of mine works for a charity called ‘Hands at Work’, and this year in particular they are working very hard to help with the drought crisis in Africa.  It’s something that hasn’t really been talked about much over here by the media, but it’s been a really bad year.  Anyway, it’s a drop in the ocean financially and a really easy thing to do just to simply shave (plus it grows back you know!), but it racked up £570 which isn’t bad for a shave. Anyway, if you want to read more about the work we do for charity head over here.

A few months ago you teamed up with Villem which resulted in creation of The Vanguard Project. How do you like working with him? I met Villem through Riya as alongside McLeod they produced the bulk of her ‘Sublimation’ LP.  It turned out that he only lived about 30mins away from me, so we got together to work on something.  It went pretty well and as a result we now work together one day a week. How do you manage to divide the time between Vanguard Project and BCee as a solo artist? It’s easy, me and Villem work together one day a week, whatever we create together from that is ‘The Vanguard Project’.  Anything else I get around to doing is ‘BCee’.  I don’t tend to actually write that much as ‘BCee’ because I prefer to release songs with meaning rather than just smashing out the dancefloor ones, however with The Vanguard Project we are just rolling out the tunes to be DJ friendly, so it’s quite a lot quicker. With you being the main person behind Spearhead Records, it would be shame not to ask. Any new releases or newly signed artists on the horizon that you would like to mention? The Dexcell album is going to be something special.  It’s been a long time coming but we are finally reaching the end.

  What is the actual process behind finding new artists that you’ll eventually ask to release on Spearhead? I usually approach an artist and ask them if they would like to work on something for me.  Hardly anyone has been picked up through just sending in a demo. Who got you into DnB music? Do you have any DnB role model? Carlito & Addiction were my production heroes when I started out. What is your source of inspiration for production? Samples! If you would have to pick just one activity: DJing or production, what would it be and why? It’s a choice that I may have to make at some point but I am not going to until I have to. What is that one thing that makes all the hard work that you put into running the label, producing etc. worth it in the end? *laughing* I’m still not convinced that it’s all worth it!

How many times did you play in Czech republic? Is there any difference between Czech and British crowd? I guess 4 or 5 times?  The Czech D&B crowd are wicked. What was the craziest story that happened to you at a party? No way am I telling you that! What are your current TOP 5 tracks? Metrik – Chasing Sunrise Spectrasoul – Stock Sound Foregin Concept – When You're Alone (LSB Remix) Anile – Velvet Glove Tim Cant - Heaven

Back when Villem was here, he told me that you are very close-with-nature type of a person. Maybe that you even have your own little farm at home? I used to have a small farm but unfortunately I had to let it go as I couldn’t afford to keep it up. What do you do in free time? Hang out with my wife and kids. What should your fans in Brno expect from your set? Uplifting party vibes with some really dirty bits thrown in for good measure. Last question - what is your favourite thing to drink when DJing? Red wine.