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Friday Fresh Five 44/2020

This week is bringing it on yet again when it comes to the new releases. So without further ado, let's get into it and take a look at fresh beats from the likes of Enei, Netsky & Darren Styles, Objectiv, Simula and Tokyo Prose & Satl.

Netsky - Look At Me Go (feat. Darren Styles)

Netsky's album no. 4 is here and if I was very enthusiastic about the Sub Focus & Wilkinson's Portals a few weeks back, well, consider me a sucker for a mainstream Drum & Bass now. What did this year take from us in events, it's definitely giving it back in new music. But let's take it from the beginning - first of all, all the singles preceding the full album release were very promising. But the tune I was looking forward to the most didn't drop until now. It's one of those tunes you've heard in some mix for the first time (this was the banging Dimension's Essential Mix for BBC Radio1) and you've been wanting to get your hands on it ever since. "Look At Me Go" sees Netsky teaming up with Darren Styles and bringing an uncompromising and certified dance floor banger. Right from the start we're being presented with an urgent strings which quickly turn into heavy drums and massive electro-infused instrumental. What makes it even more appealing to me is the synth being a nod to a millenial classic "Galvanize". This is just a creme de la creme of every peak hour set. The constantly repeating vocals are contagious, even dangerously so, as you wanna keep hearing them all over again. And just you wait for the epic breakdown. Go, Boris, go!

It’s for you if you like: epic dancefloor bangers, Smooth, The Chemical Brothers

Enei - Sinking VIP

Jesus f*cking Christ. Holy f*cking shit. Pardon my French, but this tune is a textbook definition of blasphemy. The original has been wreaking havoc upon the dance floors ever since its release last year and around the same time, people were literally loosing their shit hearing Enei and a bunch of the selected DJs dropping the VIP. And today's the day us, the ordinary mortals, have finally been given an access to this divine power. "Sinking VIP" is just slightly different from the original, yet it makes all the difference. Everything feels just a tad darker and more intense, from the ominous intro over the infamous kick-drums-only buildup up to the absolutely tearing drop that just straight up rapes your earbuds in a way that feels both absolutely ecstatic as well as borderline offensive. On a personal note, hearing a sample from the Gothic game series makes my inner nerd happy every time I hear the tune.

It’s for you if you like: foghorns and epic RPGs

Tokyo Prose & Satl - Lights Down Low

And now for something completely different. We're in the soulful roller par excellence territory. The guy who never ceases to amaze me with any release he ever puts out (when he finally and all of a sudden does every once in a while), Tokyo Prose, comes with a brand new Gossamer EP for LSB's Footnootes imprint and it's just a pure bliss. We're being presented with the ever so wonderful lush atmosphere in each and every one of the 4 tracks being featured on the EP, my pick of the bunch has to a collab with a Polish wonder kid Satl called "Lights Down Low". We're starting off with some lovely piano chords (as you would expect when it comes to Tokyo Prose) and then a rather prominent drum break makes its way in to steal the show. And if it wasn't enough, everything gets rounded up with a lovely thick bass line that is just melting your inner self into oblivion like the icebergs all around the world. It's soft, it's gentle, at the same time it's also bittersweet. But I can guarantee you're gonna love every single second of it. So go have a listen.

It’s for you if you like: Lenzman, LSB, SpectraSoul

Simula - Scarab

A second release for Annix & Simula's new imprint Neksus Sound is here and it's a slammer again. This time Simula takes over for a solo venture called "Scarab". Those of you who've been around for a while definitely remember Ed Rush playing around with these lovely bugs before and what do you know, another person giving it a go comes up with a proper heavy business as well. This one has a little bit more laidback drum break but that's about it when it comes to things that are holding back in this tune. After an enigmatic atmospheric intro the vibe intensifies, insert a vocal sample and absolutely terrorizing synths and bass line. That thing is just slapping your face repeatedly and you can't get out of its grasp! I still feel my cheeks burning from the unspeakable violence this tune did to me. I don't know if the guys over at Neksus Sound HQ ever read this but if they do - next time you should put a 18+ sticker on that, please. DIS-GUS-TING.

It’s for you if you like: Annix, K Motionz, Original Sin

Objectiv - Rain On The Roof

Finishing it in style, let's take a look at a guy who's musical journey is nothing short incredible. If you're interested about the details, you can read the full story right here (shouts to UKF) but for now, let's just focus on the music. Objectiv presents a new Raining Sound EP and it's coming out on Flexout Audio. Safe to say, it's very very good as a whole. The one cut off this EP that speaks to me on a different level is "Rain On The Roof" though. And amazingly deep and profound roller that is hitting just the perfect balance between Liquid and Deep. Amazing soulful vocals, a yearning melody, subs so deep Adele's been rolling in them for years and absolutely spot on drums that just scream soul. I love to see these unexpected gems pop up every once in a while. It makes my musical endeavors so wholesome. Imagine listening through new releases for a couple of hours, getting slightly tired and all of a sudden this jam comes on and you can't help but just smile like an idiot. Yeah, that's me right there. So there you have it.

It’s for you if you like: Alix Perez, Halogenix, Monty

So that's it for week 44, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini