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Friday Fresh Five 43/2020

I'm not gonna lie, choosing only 5 tunes this week might have been the biggest challenge yet. There's just soooo much great music coming out! But I stood up to it and bring you the fresh cuts by the likes of Freaks & Geeks & Ruth Royall, Gydra, Sustance, Turno and Was A Be.

Freaks & Geeks - Discovery (feat. Ruth Royall)

I'm not ashamed to admit that I can't get this tune out of my head ever since I've first heard it a couple of days back. This is the festival anthem of 2020, if there ever were festivals this year in the first place, that is. As one of my friends has called it, this is like a mix of 90's pop charts and bumper carts soundtrack. Call me childish, but this stuff is pure gold. It's heavy synth-based, it has a catchy and instantly recognizable melody hook, it has amazing vocals by the ever so wonderful Ruth Royall. It just screams pure energy, the kind that makes you lose your shit at the main stage anywhere and just dance your shoes off screaming aloud in the moment of pure ecstasy. Yeah, I'm getting nostalgic, it just takes me to places, I can feel the hot summer night's breeze in the air and I'm in the middle of a crowd of thousands of other people unable to stand still, lasers cutting through the air...a very vivid yet ever so distant memory of the recent years. So yeah, if you're up for a mood booster as much as I am, I'd definitely vouch for giving "Discovery" a listen. Or a couple of hundreds like me, anyways.

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Was A Be - Weasel

Was A Be, originally an Italian duo, have been a name to watch for quite some time. Now it's just Fabio and this Italian weasel comes up with "Weasel". A part of his new Shaker EP, coming out on Unchained Recordings, this one fully fits the self-proclaimed description - "weird beats around 170 BPM". Starting off with some hi-hats and percussive nods laying the groundwork for the thick atmospherics, we get some synth sprinkling on top leading up to the half-time drop. That's where the percussions fully take over, stealing the show in a great variety of rhythmic patterns, with a heavy deep bass sitting underneath. But that's not all as the tune literally breaks in half on the second drop which introduces a proper rolling drum pattern that's destined to set the unexpecting dancefloors on fire. It's hypnotic, it's techy, it's just superb as usual. Don't forget to check the rest of the EP, too, because it's all killer no filler business!

It’s for you if you like: DJ Madd, Radiax, Skeptical

Sustance - Be Forgiven

A fresh name to join the ever so growing ranks of Shogun Audio family, Sustance, is slowly unleashing his debut Blood Money EP on the label through weekly single releases, comes up with a number three this week. "Be Forgiven" is an iconic atmospheric roller that reminds me of the good ol' days of the aforementioned imprint's golden era, paving way for the careers of the current heavyweights like Alix Perez or SpectraSoul to kick off. It has this nice rolling beat that just seamlessly guides you through, deep pulling bass line, a proper amount of soul and just a pinch of the very much needed grit to make it a serious contender for one of the most accomplished tunes I've heard as of late. In other words, not only does it have all the right ingredients, the cook has also used just the right ratio to make it a long-lasting experience for your earbuds. All that's left for us to do is ordering this speciality off the menu and enjoying ever single beat of it.

It’s for you if you like: Monty, Skeptical, SpectraSoul

Gydra - Hangjaw

Arguably my favorite Neurofunk duo, the Russian madmen Gydra, are releasing their debut Snake Monastery LP today through the Hungarian sanctuary of all beats heavy, Eatbrain. It spans over an impressive number of 15 tracks and I dare to say it's probably the best things this sub-genre has to offer in quite some time. As to be expected, it's not really easy to choose just one track, but I'll try my chances and will go with "Hangjaw". It starts with some dark ambience and heavy drum breaks slowly coming in. Then we switch to a proper buildup that gives us a taster of what's to come, especially when the heavy synths and metallic sounds come in. The drop then unleashes the expected mayhem of heavy bass, crisp drums and sick lead synths that make this track instantly stand out. It's kind of like stepping into a man-sized blender and being smashed against the wall. Heavy metal business for sure!

It’s for you if you like: IHR, June Miller, Merikan

Turno - Abyss

Last, but by no means least, is a cut off the brand new Turno's DNA LP. Apart from the heavy dancefloor banger business as well as some different tempo/genre experiments, there are a couple of tunes that fully prove Franko's versatility. "Abyss" is one of those and as the title suggest, it's as dark and deep as they get. Starting with echoing sounds and growls, a feeling of unease sets in from the very start, leading up to a rather stripped back drop with kinda minimalistic beat but very heavy roaring bass line. The track progressively intensifies which culminates on the second drop as it turns into a proper roller. And as you should now by know, I'm a big fan of tunes that evolve, just like this one. So yeah, go grab the whole LP. Great varied stuff.

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So that's it for week 43, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini