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Friday Fresh Five 42/2020

Knock, knock. Who's there? Oh yeah, it's week 42 and that means a load of fresh music to help us through these challenging times. Buckle up and let Air.K & Cephei & Minos, Ben Snow & DRS & Gardna, Camo & Krooked & Mefjus & Sophie Lindinger, Phentix and PRFCT Mandem take you for a ride.

Air.K & Cephei & Minos - No Promises

The new Integral Records single sees the Austrian duo Air.K & Cephei team up with a German producer Minos to deliver "No Promises". These guys have always been very close to my heart from the day one and I'm very happy to see them thrive on a great label like Integral now. "No Promises" starts with a yearning far-eastern melody on top of a classic drum break, blooming with some added piano chords. The guys are turning it down a notch then, only to make room for the iconic dnb meme material of "no one: / No Promises: *intensifies*" just before the drop which introduces a powerful rolling bass line and pitched up/pitched down vocal sample that completely fits the Integral camp style. It's simply a great Liquid Drum & Bass tune that captures the current mood and weather perfectly, taking you on a trip, a journey full of sound and beats. One that will lead you down, way down...

It’s for you if you like: Dawn Wall, Lenzman, Mohican Sun

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger)

Finally. That's all I can say about this one as we've been waiting for a fresh Camo & Krooked tune ever since the VIP of Atlas came out in December on UKF. "No Tomorrow" is a result of yet another collab with the fellow Austrian bad boy Mefjus, but with a sprinkle on top in the form of superb vocals by Sophie Lindinger. Starting with a heavy load of ambience and urgent-sounding vocal, the instrumental tsunami of this powerhouse is picking up the pace to strike us with its full devastating power on the drop. Processed and stripped back drums make way for heavy synths and mammoth bass line, decomposing and reconstructing the genre's formulas once again. Gotta say it again, these 3 Austrian producers are without a single doubt leading the way of progress of the whole genre nowadays and "No Tomorrow" is yet another proof of this statement. The sheer epicness of the second drop is something I can't wait to experience on a big rig as soon as possible.

It’s for you if you like: Camo & Krooked & Mefjus, Phace, Noisia

Phentix - Sudden

And third time's a charm as we're still staying in Austria. Last week I've included "Fragment", this week gives me no option but to include "Sudden", another fresh cut from Phentix on Swiss imprint Demand. This explosive monster of a tune picks up the pace through an ambient intro, stomping beat and bass growls up to the drop that hits us with some proper bass line growls and snarls and superb percussion work. It's like going through a misty wood only to find yourself in the middle of a swamp with creepers and monsters and all that jazz surrounding you all of a sudden. And yeah, it's the way of the underground indeed. It's creepy, it's haunting, it's banging. Spooktober anthem for the headz, that's for sure!

It’s for you if you like: Nymfo, Phibes, Wingz

PRFCT Mandem - Stay Quiet

Korsakov Music presents yet another hot new project on the scene. The Latvian/Irish duo debuted this spring with their Formation EP on the label and now it's time for a follow up. Hyperdrive EP again shows their technical and production prowess in the genre and brings 5 fresh cuts to the table. I'm personally partial to "Stay Quite" the most. This unusual two-step tune is a futuristic industrial beast that mostly reminds me of Lynx' legendary anthem Disco Dodo on steroids in a proper techy 2020 update. The intense build-up leads to a somehow anti-climactic drop unleashing the proper mayhem of heavy kicks and stripped back snares, not unfamiliar to those who like their music hard(style). So throw your fists up high in the air and stomp the ground beneath you. It's sick and twisted, but mostly it's fun!

It’s for you if you like: Hallucinator, Lynx, The Prototypes

Ben Snow - 2020 Vision (feat. Gardna & DRS)

If it wasn't moody enough before, let me wrap things up with "2020 Vision", the newest Born On Road release by Ben Snow on the buttons and Gardna & DRS on the mic duties. This is where the depression of this whole hell of a year really kicks in. In full effect. It has this nice melancholic stripped back instrumental build upon piano chords, crisp drums and pulsing bass line with Gardna & DRS relentlessly spitting bars over it in a rather urgent manner. I don't know, there's something about this tune, you know... It's very simple yet touching, it resonates deeply within myself and I just can't get it out of my head. So yeah, here goes.

It’s for you if you like: Calibre, LSB, ST Files

So that's it for week 42, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini