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Friday Fresh Five 40/2020

Week 40 is upon us and the fall has fully taken over. It's only proper to reflect this in my picks - we're going moodier and deeper. Buckle up and let's hear the new tunes by the likes of gyrofield, J:Kenzo, John Rolodex, Kiril and Monrroe & Zara Kershaw.

Monrroe - Out Of Time (feat. Zara Kershaw)

One of my long time favorite producers, Shogun Audio's very own Monrroe presents us with his new single and it's a true beauty. Following up on a string of pristine releases over the last couple of years, this time we're being taken on a deep nostalgic trip planned by yours truly and the absolute heart-melting vocals by Zara Kershaw being our very own guide. It's amazing just to get lost in this gentle (jungle of) music where everything's just falling into place. Every tiny little detail adds to the whole body of work which aspires to be one of the highlights in Monrroe's discography. Spot on percussions sit under the piano chords which make way for the drawn-out tones of bass to compliment the omnipresent moody feeling. Soothing, relaxing yet (in)tense, "Out Of Time" is one of those tunes you'll be playing on repeat as days will be getting shorter and leafs keep on falling down those trees.

It’s for you if you like: BCee, Pola & Bryson, Technimatic

gyrofield - Jade

To be honest, I'm quite surprised there hasn't been an article "Who the hell is gyrofield" featured on UKF yet. Be it as it may, this self-called punk by design, sometimes Drum & bass, sometimes alt-pop, always e-girl act from Hong Kong, is making some serious waves on the Drum & Bass scene as of late. Now the time has come for a new Synopsis EP to come out...on mau5trap out of all the possibilities. This should be a pretty good hint gyrofield is definitely a name to follow as Deadmau5 doesn't really sign Drum & Bass EPs on a daily basis. I believe the word I'm looking for now is - anyway - these four cuts are a prime example of the production prowess and give us a proper taste of gyrofield. "Jade" has to be my favorite as it's filled with with weird computer music noises and simply just rolls on a different level. It's techy, it's fresh, it's a straight up killer.

It’s for you if you like: Icicle, Mefjus, Synergy

Kiril - Untitled Dub

Let's keep it techy, shall we? The man like Kiril debuts on Doc Scott's very own 31 Recordings and as might be expected, it's an ace. From the funny "Hoovers Don't Judge, People Do" single and track title, on the flip we have an uncompromising techy roller called "Untitled Dub". This one gets you straight back to the Quarantine years, the beat just keeps on going relentlessly setting the tempo as the bass stabs set the groove. It's one of those quite simplistic yet very effective tunes that you'll keep on drawing for anytime you want to get the bodies moving. And as I'm no hoover myself, I dare to judge - this one's getting a full score from me, kind sir, thank you very much.

It’s for you if you like: Break, Fierce, Zero T 

J:Kenzo - Righteous

It's time for us to slow down a little. I must confess, half-time is kind of my Drum & Bass kink. There's just something very appealing to me when the beat suddenly slows down and the music gets more room to breath. So without further ado, let's take a look at "Righteous", the latest offering from one of the masters of the deeper/experimental side of Drum & Bass, J:Kenzo. Coming out on the legendary's Amit's AMAR imprint, "Righteous" starts with a suspenseful intro full of thick dark atmospherics. Eventually the "Righteous...I was righteous" chant joins the parade and here comes the drop. Add a relentless hypnotic beat with a bass as deep as the ocean and you have an intense monster of a tune that you just can't get out of your head. But the best part comes midway the second drop as the acid synths kick in. A proper head-nodder piece right there.

It’s for you if you like: Amit, Om Unit, Skeptical

John Rolodex - Unadorned

Last time I was talking about one of the brightest Canadian talents, Bensley, this time I'm gonna talk about one of the Canadian Drum & Bass legends. John Rolodex, the owner of the Machinist Music imprint, the guy with release on labels like Dread Recordings, Tech Itch Recordings, V Recordings or Metalheadz to name but a few, returns to the last one mentioned with his new EP, The Rainmaker. This is proper headzy business, 5 fresh cuts with a rare and unmistakable old-school sound are being brought to the table. I fell in love with "Unadorned" which starts with a nice simple beat and a few nostalgia-inducing samples before it fully revolves into a roaring bass line monster that sounds overwhelming on a rig and is sure to make the heads roll. There's no going wrong with this man so make sure not to miss this one.

It’s for you if you like: LSB, Ray Keith, Spirit

So that's it for week 40, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini