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Friday Fresh Five 39/2020

Week 39 is coming with literally loads of great new releases. The sheer amount of good music coming out right now is unparalleled thus it's very hard to pick just five cuts, but that's life, so here goes... This week I'm choosing fresh music from the likes of Audio & Forbidden Society, Bensley, Emperor, Kove & Charlotte Haining, T>I & Dutta.

Kove - Healing (feat. Charlotte Haining)

Kove, my man! This guy is one of a kind really. Every single tune he puts out is just amazing, for me anyways. One time he goes hard and comes up with absolute belters like this year's Let It Roll Winter's opening "First Contact", next time he teams up with Brookes Brothers and brings us the summer anthem "Burn". "Healing" is more like the latter, nostalgic vibes from the get go. You get instantly thrown to the golden era of Hospital with tunes from the likes of Logistics and Nu:Tone, only this time Charlotte Haining's powerful heartfelt voice is taking over, sitting on top of a rolling bass line and crisp old school breaks. Taking you on a trip down the memory lane, just letting you surf on the waves of the genuine feel-good Liquid Drum & Bass combined with a solid songwriting. A one to sing along to during the upcoming autumn and winter months with no gigs.

It’s for you if you like: Brookes Brothers, Logistics, Nu:Tone

T>I - Paper Clipz (feat. Dutta)

T>I comes up with a new EP for Souped Up and it's a freaking blast, as to be expected. "Paper Clipz" is the one that stands out for me as this collab with another man of the hour, Dutta, is just superb. A rather simple, relentless roller with murky bass line and sharp drums (as we're all familiar with when it comes to T>I) gets brought up a notch with the atmospheric samples thrown in the mix, sounding like a straight up soundtrack to some old film noire classic. You get instantly thrown into the world of cabarets, heavy cigar smoke and some quirky loner detective sitting at his desk at midnight, browsing through the photos and files, putting them together with paper clips and trying to make sense of the latest case. A refreshing take on your standard dutty (whoops, again?!) roller which is not to be missed.

It’s for you if you like: Bou, Kings Of The Rollers, Levela

Emperor - Still

UKF continues in their slew of superb 2020 releases with a new piece from the man like Emperor. And this one, called "Still", hits differently. We should all be pretty much used to this guy's prowess in crafting various different electronic music but never before he's gone and done something as close to Liquid Drum & Bass as this. "Still" is a vibrant roller that starts on the more deep tip only to unfold into an amazing soulful piece which fully blooms as soon as the piano chords and the sax kick in. It is a hidden gem in an already pristine discography of a producer who always feel like at least a step ahead of everyone else in his field. If you like your Drum & Bass to resonate with you on a deeper level, this one is as good as it gets.

It’s for you if you like: Calibre, LSB, Tokyo Prose 

Audio & Forbidden Society - Iris

Vision comes with a mission. Mission 01 to be precise. This new VA compilation is full of forward thinking electronic music (and not just Drum & Bass) and it's a top shooter as a whole. Alas, there's only one tune I can pick, so I'm going with this UK/CZ collaboration which definitely defies expectations, yet again. Seeing names like Audio and Forbidden Society on a can usually meant some pretty hard banging Drum & Bass, heavy metal style. Then again, if you've been following Gareth and Jindrich lately, you might have noticed they are prone to go a lot deeper then they've used to before. "Iris" is a prime example of that, deep, dark and ominous. While quite minimalistic as to the overal sound design, the atmosphere on this one is so thick you could build a wall out of it. It sounds kind of like the never ending fall into a deep abyss, occasionally catching a glimpse of something different than a vast darkness all around you. The feeling of unease you get while listening to this one is well worth it, and I, for one, hope that this isn't the last collab of these two mad men.

It’s for you if you like: QZB, early Rockwell, SubMarine

Bensley - Vex

This young Canadian first made waves all across the scene when he got signed based on a demo he's sent to RAM Records a couple of years back with none other music released at all. He then went on to debut with a full album on the label, followed by a couple of singles and another album last year. This year saw him join the ever-so-growing Monstercat family and now he comes with another single. "Vex" sounds very much like the sound track to Rocky Horror Picture Show for the most part, giving it a great vintage feel straight out of the 80's. The drop is heavy on distorted old school electronic beats, too, only adding to the overal feeling and atmosphere, while the sonics are staying very much up to date. Turn around and wait for the boogie man to show up to take you on a ride. This is a proper theme park business!

It’s for you if you like: 80's with a modern twist, like Stranger Things

So that's it for week 39, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini