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Friday Fresh Five 37/2020

Week 37 is here and things are beyond crazy yet again...does this ever really change this year? Anyway, we have fresh music from the likes of BCee / Charlotte Haining, IMANU / Buunshin, Serum / Kasra, ShockOne and Trail.

Serum & Kasra - Fade Out

Serum & Kasra are finally dropping their long awaited Noodles EP on Critical and these 3 tracks are all killers, no fillers. For me, Fade Out takes the cake. Minimalistic stepping beat with subtle bass stabs make way for the aggressive growls which make this tune instantly recognizable, standing out from the vast sea of minimalistic deep/techy Drum & Bass numbers being hot right now. It sounds like a shark coming at you from the dark blue from the deep waters underneath you without you even noticing until it bites your f*cking leg off. Yeah, watch out and don't let the intro fool you, this one's dangerous!

It’s for you if you like: Abstract Elements, Gerra & Stone, Ulterior Motive

ShockOne - Follow Me

Not gonna lie, I used to be a huge ShockOne fanboy back in the day. It was that time when the acts from Australia and New Zealand ruled the scene. Then he practically disappeared from the Drum & Bass radar and now it seems that he's finally making his way back. Right from the first dark "Follow Me" vocal you should expect it to be a proper dancefloor banger and if you do, you're not wrong. The robotic woman voice is building up the (social media) tension and the drop is a tearing, roaring, raging monster. If the previous tune was a shark creeping on you, this is a couple of T-Rexes splitting your poor body in half as a good night snack.

It’s for you if you like: Culture Shock, Dimension, Sub Focus

BCee & Charlotte Haining - Endlessly Unlimited

It's time to get ourselves something a bit more soothing. And Spearhead Records deliver, as always. BCee teams up with Charlotte Haining, unleashing their "Life As We Know It" album upon us. There was a string of very good singles preceding the full release over the past few weeks, but my favorite from the whole album is a previously unreleased Endlessly Unlimited. It captures the very soul of what I love about this collaborative effort - great silky smooth vocals, amazing soothing instrumental and an overal good yet melancholic vibe only these two can deliver. It makes a great listening on those long Indian summer evenings.

It’s for you if you like: Deadline, Hybrid Minds, Pola & Bryson 

IMANU & Buunshin - Nagow

The still-quite-young prodigy IMANU returns with yet another EP on Vision. This flying Dutchman is one of the most prolific names as of late and on this body of work, we can find 4 new tracks. I'm choosing the collab with another rising talent, Buunshin, because when these two bad boys join their forces, it's always a stinker. Heavy noise, thick atmosphere, chopped vocal samples, steamrolling bassline. It's dark, it's hard, it's weird, I love it. And your nan will too! So don't forget to blast this one out at full volume at your family reunions.

It’s for you if you like: Halogenix, Hyroglifics, Noisia

Trail - Frames

If you like your Drum & Bass deep, one of your go-to labels as of late is definitely Flexout Audio. These guys are on an absolute roll basically ever since their inception and they keep providing us with one outstanding release after another. This time, the French magician going by the name of Trail takes over, presenting his Frames EP. The title track is a smooth deep roller with loads of soul on top, making it an instant favorite to play out whenever, wherever. This guy is on trail (yeah, I just can't help myself) to a great success, I'm telling ya!

It’s for you if you like: Alix Perez, Monty, SubMarine

So that's it for week 37, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini