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Friday Fresh Five 35/2020

In this weekly piece, I'll be bringing you my 5 favorite fresh releases from all around the world of Drum & Bass.

Variants - The Painter

We're starting this week with a local delicacy. Variants are Czech/Polish duo and have been silent for quite some time, but they are now returning to the scene through a new single at Hoofbeats Music with a bang! The Painter got premiered at Liquicity YouTube channel which should give you the idea already and starts with heartfelt piano chords and pitched male vocals only to burst out at seams once the powerful rolling beat comes in, bringing in some extra strings on top. You gotta love the way how the bass line is seemingly just bleeding through here and there. It's deep, it's soulful, yet it's made for the dancefloor, striking a perfect balance and making it an instant favorite. Way to go lads!

It’s for you if you like: Edlan, Hybrid Minds, Nelver

Breakage - B Side Bubbler

Breakage is another one of those producers who don't flood the scene with weekly releases yet when they actually put stuff out, it's coming at you all guns blazing. His new EP on his own INDEX imprint does just that and in the particular case of B Side Bubbler, we're getting a full on jungly roller with a (surprise surprise) bUbBlY bass line and a crisp drum work. Throw in a cheeky vocal sample and a siren here and there and the result is a simple yet so effective tune that especially the DJs have to love. Try not to move to this one, I double dare you!

It’s for you if you like: Break, DJ Die, Unglued

DRS & Dynamite MC - Get Down (feat. DJ Zinc)

The latest Hospital signing might have been a peculiar one to the most as while you have the idea what the heavyweight MCs of the likes of DRS and Dynamite MC usually bring to the table, you're not really sure about what to expect of them coming together. Following a string of singles comes the full "Playing In The Dark" album which is packed to the gills with the big names on the production duties. Get Down is obviously no different, bringing the legendary DJ Zinc back to the scene with this playful cheeky roller reminiscing of the good ol' days, allowing the duo go mad on the mic, spitting bars furiously all over the place. This one is sure to make you lose your shit and skank your feet off anytime it gets dropped in the set.

It’s for you if you like: John B, Mampi Swift, Sigma 

Isotropik - Gully

It's time to go deeper they said. It's gonna be fun they said. And in this case, it definitely is. For the demanding (pardon the pun), here comes the up and coming Mancunian duo Isotropik on my long time favorite Swiss imprint Demand. Gully is everything it says on the can - just gully. Eerie intro leads us to the uncompromising drop with the heavy artillery of a beat and pulsing bass line that just keeps on going and going. And the heads will roll. Suddenly, everything just stops only to come back in with a sick half-time second drop that eventually switches back to the heavy gully (oops I did it again) roller.

It’s for you if you like: Arkaik, Koherent, Wingz

Thys - Unwound (feat. Lordel)

Disclaimer - this is weird bass music. But it's also fucking epic. By now, you should all know that Thys is one third of the legendary Dutch trio Noisia (the weird third of course) and Lordel is the bass music alias of none other than Halogenix (the least weird third of the former Ivy Lab trio who went rogue a while ago so now Ivy Lab is just a duo...the guys are not really making it easy for us to follow, right?). It starts with the monumental sounds and heavy bass noise patches you know from the Noisia classics then again you can straight up tell this is not gonna be one of those "I'll scrape your face off and make pancakes from it" kind of tunes. Or is it? Because the drop might not be a brutal neurofunk slammer, yet it hits pretty hard with its kicks and claps. Then it slows down a notch, bringing in orchestral parts and sounding very much fatal. Honestly, I can't wait to be hearing more of Thys' new music as it's very futuristic and might as well bring some long awaited revolution to the genre.

It’s for you if you like: weird bass music and genre decomposition

So that's it for week 35, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini