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Friday Fresh Five 34/2020

In this weekly piece, I'll be bringing you my 5 favorite fresh releases from all around the world of Drum & Bass.

Netsky - Mixed Emotions (feat. Montell2099)

Ladies and gentlemen, Netsky is back. I know, I know, we might have very well been thinking that already with his first Hospital single „I See The Future In Your Eyes“, but for us, constant doubters, it’s with „Mixed Emotions“ we should finally stand convinced. It ticks all the boxes - it’s catchy, sounds great on a system, it gives you this nostalgic feeling while sonically it stays very much up to date, it doesn’t sound like a regurgitated copy of what we’ve heard a thousand times before and it hits just the right amount of cheese to become a straight up favorite among the fans and DJs alike. Vote for Boris!

It’s for you if you like: Etherwood, Hybrid Minds, Maduk

Droptek - Time Travel

The „recently-switched-to-drum-and-bass“ prodigy returns to Korsakov after a smashing debut album from the last year to bless us with a fresh single. The result? Time Travel is a futuristic roaring beast of a tune that is sure to make you ask yourself „Who the fuck is this guy?“, especially if you somehow didn’t notice him before. It’s a bit more stripped back compared to his usual style yet still aggressive enough to make the crowd explode once it drops (*insert a funny pun to his name*) and make your teeth grinding and fist clenching as you surrender to its vicious growling. 

It’s for you if you like: Dub Elements, Hybris, Xtrah

Grafix - Distressed

I’m not gonna lie. I really enjoyed the late direction of Fred V & Grafix’ joint venture and wasn’t too sold on their split. Well, consider me a believer now. Definitely in the latter’s case as after the absolutely smashing „Acid Generation“ he unleashed upon us last year, here comes another tune that I’ll be canning to death in my sets. Simple yet effective, „Distressed“ storms in with its militant beat and very prominent synths making you anxious to hear more. And boy does more come on the drop! A certified banger, that’s what it is.

It’s for you if you like: Document One, Dimension, Netsky 

T>I & Zombie Cats - Sidestep

This is a bit of an unexpected collab to be honest with an even more unexpected outcome. Who would have thought that T>I & Zombie Cats teaming up on a tune will yield a such a headzy result. After the suspenseful ambient intro, the head-nodding beat comes in and once the bass drops there’s no hiding away from this beast. Pulsing right through your body, sending shivers down your spine, this is as deep as it gets. Get those scuba diving suits of yours out of the closet and prepare to dive right in.

It’s for you if you like: Commix, Jubei, Ulterior Motive

D Flect - Memory

Captivating from the get go, just as much as the artwork itself, „Memory“ is the newest outing of a great producer calling himself D Flect. Now you might have not heard about this guy before, but what he lacks in fame, he makes up for in substance of everything he does put out. It’s smooth, it’s jazzy, it’s deep and soulful at the same time. As the sub pulls you in to take a trip down the memory lane, the saxophone bits are the calls of a sweet bliss of slowly forgetting all the pain you’ve been through, making you feel so bittersweet blue. You might not be skanking your feet out to this jam, but you will sure as hell want to keep it playing on repeat for this one goes straight to your heart.

It’s for you if you like: Alibi, Calibre, Lynx

So that's it for week 34, see you next Friday, same time, same place!
Fallen Gemini