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Fighting Fire: Relief for Australia is a project initiated by Mandie Bradtberg, better known as missledz, in an effort to raise money to support fire fighters and the communities affected by the current bushfire crisis in Australia.

Mandie put the call out on Facebook for potential contributors to the project, searching for track submissions, promotion, artwork, and everything needed to create a great LP. The support and response were phenomenal, with over 50 tracks submitted and the entire community ready to give a hand.

The result? A collaborative 20-track D&B charity album, including tracks from a large range of international artists such as Philth, Screamarts, Transforma and many more. The LP takes you on a journey through almost every sub-genre of drum and bass, each track representing its artist perfectly, while still fitting just right among the others.

The platform they decided to use is Pay it Forward and the money raised will be donated to Red Cross Australia. Red Cross provides psychological first aid (among other support) for those affected by events like severe bushfires. Donating to the Red Cross will directly assist fire fighters, their families and communities in healing and rebuilding following this devastating time.

Please consider donating to download the release and supporting this important cause!

Fighting Fire: Relief for Australia full tracklist:

  • Bally & Boom - Faith ft. Jay Marwaha
  • Creatures - Inflicted
  • Equilibr1um - Burning Forests
  • False Relation - Accidental Session
  • Freshney - Amber
  • Handsprime - Watch the Tapes
  • HD - Liminal
  • Incus - Contemplate
  • Jimi Reborn - The Forfeit
  • Koax & Sublimit - Chatoyancy
  • LoKo - Sending Love
  • MFX - Home ft. Embr
  • missledz - Ember
  • Moose - Otherside
  • N-Mon1c - Structure
  • Philth - Rain Dance
  • Screamarts - Coming Through
  • Serpico (Philth & Volatile Cycle) - Connoisseur
  • SMP - Lyra
  • Transforma - Blood Red Sky
Ioana Marcu