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Factory EP by Grinder, Ozma, Smoky D

Factory EP by Grinder, Ozma, Smoky D

For the fourth release on Ozma and Lowriderz’ newly established and aptly named Ozriderz Records, local Saint Petersburg producer Grinder makes his debut appearance on the label with five slices of blistering drum and bass. Earning his stripes with recent releases on fellow Russian labels Invasion, Ignescent and Timeofnight, the rising star has DJed at prestigious events including Neuropunk and World of Drum&Bass and has already been lauded by the likes of Noisia and DJ Bes. The Factory EP is his biggest and boldest offering to date, striking a delicate balance between breathy ambiences and furious, clanking basslines to further what has come to be known as Grinder’s signature style.

The project’s genre-bending opener “Factory” kicks off with suspenseful, drawn-out piano chords before bursting into a giddy drop dominated by careening, mechanical synth stabs and earthy basslines in a manner. Bridging the gap between techstep and jump up, it even switches into half-time for the track’s final climax, adding further dynamism to the already unpredictable track. Meanwhile, “Go Like” opens with wispy, atmospheric pads, erupting into a juddering drop interspersed with exhilarating pauses. Taking the EP in a different direction is “9 Points”, which opens with tense, airy echoes before snapping into a snarling frenzy, propelled by urgent breakbeats and pattering, percussive melodies.

The final two offerings on the EP call upon two of the Russian scene’s brightest talents for assistance. “Come Back” is an electrifying collaboration with ragga-slanted MC Smoky D, culminating in a breezy drop marked by melodic plucks. Finally, for the project’s epic conclusion, label boss Ozma reimagines “Factory” as a caffeinated jump up weapon, prefixed by gleaming arpeggios before catapulting into a swelling, syncopated drop.

Catalog Number: OZR004
Release Date:
August 10th, 2020

Aleš Portl