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Dub Elements & Friends (Remixes) Pt.1

Dub Elements & Friends (Remixes) Pt.1

For the eleventh release on their increasingly renowned label DEM Recordings, Seville duo Dub Elements have curated a set of heavy-hitting new reinventions of tracks from the DEM back catalogue, courtesy of four of today’s hottest names in drum and bass and representing a diverse range of styles heard within the scene.

Kicking off this gargantuan project, Snake Pit Records founder and former RAM affiliate Audio reimagines Dub Elements and Neonlight’s “Lycaon” as a crunchier, snarling number, showcasing some textbook industry-leading warped basslines and interspersing them with gothic choral passages to make for a remix in equal parts cinematic and club-ready.

Up next, Dub Elements’ 2019 rave weapon “Firing Pin” – a collaboration with two-piece Russian D&B outfit Gydra – is catapulted into 2020 by Neonlight, who have worked with Dub Elements before on the aforementioned “Lycaon” as well as the 2010 banger “Placebo”. Here, the Dutch duo show no mercy, reenvisaging “Firing Pin” as a brutal, neurofunk-leaning aural onslaught, dominated by gritty bassweight but retaining the original song’s heavily syncopated character.

The track’s penultimate contribution comes from the widely acclaimed Slovenian producer Smooth, known for his high-profile releases on labels like Viper Recordings, Liquicity and Eatbrain. He revisits Dub Elements’ 2018 B-side “Like This” with a newfound dancefloor sensibility, preserving the track’s one-of-a-kind basslines while adding climactic, jungle-inspired breaks and more commercially popular

Finally, Juno’s drastic overhaul of Dub Elements and KOLT’s “Flamenco” replaces the original track’s melodic introduction with metallic noise and rapid-fire techstep arpeggios, utilising an unbelievably skippy rhythm which is sure to coax a headbang out of even the most subdued listener!

Catalog Number: DEM011
Release Date: August 7th, 2020 (Beatport Exclusive) / August 21st, 2020

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