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Disaszt & Trei Danger Time

Disaszt & Trei: Danger Time

Over the past three decades, drum and bass have truly become a global movement and each locality adds its own sprinkle of culture to the genre. Austria and New Zealand both nurture some of drum and bass’s biggest followings outside of its UK roots, and ‘Danger Time’, the latest release from Vienna’s Mainframe Recordings show the cross-cultural magic that can be summoned when musical masters from opposite sides of the globe join forces. Mainframe Recording’s label boss DisasZt teams up with Wellington based TREi resulting in this high energy, eclectic two-tracker.

Lead single ‘Danger Time’ is a pure party anthem. All that pent up dance-floor enthusiasm we’ve been dying to release over global lock-down, bursts through with one almighty crash in this unadulterated tear-out beast. Its quick, choppy drums will have headbanging from the very instant of exposure. The fast forward motion of this raw, sonic soundscape creates an undeniable feeling of uplift in a juxtaposed wrap of darkness.

Disaszt & Trei Danger Time

The intro to ‘Shape The Future’ lures us into calmer vibes and brings with it euphoric synths and a wailing early-rave vocals, however, the first beat immediately betrays this false sense of security, with ominous, deathly-low, twanging risers which warp and twist throughout carving out a high octane highway to madness. The breakdown provides a brief hands-in-the-air moment for the sing-a-long crew before the cultivated chaos descends once more.

If you haven’t been gagging to return to the dance just yet, this is the release that will leave you desperate to get back to that dance floor.

Catalog Number: MFR117
Release Date: October 9th, 2020
Buy: Beatport

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