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Deep feelings delivered by GNASHA

Among all the chaos produced by the brownian motion of our feelings, a ray of hope descends from Leeds, UK. Holly Dale aka GNASHA delivers deep, calming but powerful notes through her music. We have now the chance to share the taste of 140bpm Gnasha’s signature and some of her meditative practices that stay behind the creative process.   

Q: Everybody knows how evolved is bass music in UK so was this fact a turn on for you to start producing?

R: ​I've always been into electronic music and at around 14 decided I wanted to explore how to create my own music. I began producing as a hobby while I was in school. At first, I didn't have a clue what I was doing but over time met people and learned a lot from friends and peers.

Q: How Gnasha appeared: the name and your identity as an artist. What is the mark that characterizes your music and your mixes?

R: I tend to lean towards darker sounds, I've always loved horror themes and music with some kind of eerieness, but I like to contrast that with some kind of ethereal flavour. The name itself was made up on a whim, back when I first started playing shows I was asked what name I wanted on the poster, I was watching dennis the menace at the time and so Gnasha it was.

Q: What is the juice that gives birth to your fruity tracks?  Do you have a special ritual, place or process that increases your creativity?

R: I don't really have a process before I write however, I can find that writing music is a rewarding process as much as it is a draining process. I feel I have to mentally prepare myself before opening up a project, getting myself into a good mindset to be able to focus and not lose sight in what I'm doing. I practice meditation and yoga daily to keep grounded, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with options when creating electronic music, but this goes for life in general. 

Q: Also, I saw you had a music production masterclass for Education & Bass as part of their project. What are the first steps as a producer you’d recommend to the beginners?

R: Ask questions, make connections with other producers and learn from each other, its easy to 'stick in your own lane' so to speak, but having a balance of giving and receiving knowledge is key. 

Q: If you’d have to reincarnate in a plant, which one will be and why?

R: Not too clued up on plants, I have a few succulents so I'd probably say one of them, nice and chill and don't take much looking after.

If you're having a harsh day, distract yourself with more tracks, mixes and maybe some music production tutorials from GNASHA and let her hol(l)y touch set you free in this isolation time. She paved a beautiful path in her music career till now and we will definitely keep an eye on her next steps.

Don't hesitate to reach her and her music at following links: Gnashamusic, Soundcloud, Facebook.

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