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Daniel Neighbour is back on Shuvt.resonance

Just over a year after the labels founding SHUVT.resonance is back with another packed VA! Station 22 sees 6 artists from 4 countries bring their unique sounds to the label from the deep minimal to atmospheric!

The British deep / minimal house label Shuvt.resonance has already released Daniel‘s second EP seven months ago. Last year, Shuvt.resonance managed to release two more EPs of its residents, which are the British Tori and the Canadian Mahar. Shuvt.resonance now comes with Various Artists compilation of resident artists, which will be available on all digital platforms from February 25.

The above-mentioned Tori and Mahar, newcomer Roiko, its owner Frederick Ansgar, as well as residents Matt Tims and Daniel Neighbor, contributed to the compilation. You can look forward to a mixture of minimal and deep house with micro house elements.

In his song called Opus 06, Czech producer Daniel Neighbour comes up with a fusion of minimal, micro and dub house, thanks to which he brings the listeners a completely new perspective of the mentioned subgenres in one song. You can look forward to a slightly broken position of straight beats.

Experience pleasant listening to the EP here:


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