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Current Value is introducing his brand new live show – The CVAV

A collaborative live project that elevates the inimitable and pioneering sonics of Current Value to an entirely new experiential level. That’s how Current Value’s brand new live show is being described by those who have witnessed it first hand. The CVAV, as it is called, is announced to start touring this winter. It combines sounds from the pen of the German D&B legend with immersive visuals provided by Greenaway & Greenaway studio, providing the audience with an unique audio-visual experience that is set to rival even that of Noisia’s critically acclaimed Outer Edges show. The premiere of the live show took place in Vienna in late September and was a success. The next known appearance is set to happen at the winter edition of Slovakia’s Let It Roll festival.

Current Value is one of the few D&B artists whose influence stretches far beyond the boundaries of the genre. Throughout his musical career he has joined forces with a wide range of artists coming from all genres of music including the Icelandic singer and actress Bjork, Irish electronic music innovator Aphex Twin or the already mentioned legendary Drum&Bass trio Noisia.

Known to be always a few steps ahead of all the others, Current Value now introduces the world to his new show entitled CVAV that should be a rare and unique experience in the area of 170 BPM music. He is combining his own sounds, driven by a huge portion of talent and imagination, with a visceral visual experience, aiming directly the audience’s mind and taking them on a musical journey deep into his mind.

Unlike other live shows in the world of electronic music, Current Value’s CVAV is meant to never be the same, each occurence making for a musical story of its own. That’s probably part of the reason why the artist himself states that CVAV is not a one time-tour. The way he describes it, this live show is designed to be an ever evolving project that will be changing its script regularly and story over time.

Combined with Current Values’s new album to be annouced soon, and set to release later this year, it seems like we are gonna be seeing a hell of a lot more of this talented German that we were used to, in the last few years. A that’s something to be really happy about.