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Cataclysm and Alive by BTK on Dutty Audio

Cataclysm and Alive by BTK on Dutty Audio

BTK's ever-evolving sound and music production have found homes far and wide, with many international releases on a huge range of the industry's leading labels. His back catalogue easily shows the vast range and dynamism of his work, and an innate ability to skilfully appeal to a variety of audiences. Never treading the same ground twice, his prolific production skills have meant that he has been constantly in demand all over the world.

Celebrating Dutty Audio’s 10th anniversary this year and following up on the last remix competition compilation, BTK presents ‘Cataclysm’, a two-track banging EP bringing some of his latest productions.

BTK teamed up with a Czech vocalist Tomas Kerekes to bring you the EP title track, ‘Cataclysm’; a powerful and thunderous track that will uplift the listener and pave the way for the next track. ‘Alive’ wraps up this latest release encapsulating percussive and raw elements, taking the audience on a more spiritual journey.

Cataclysm and Alive by BTK on Dutty Audio

Drum and Bass heavily influenced BTK's sound for his techno alias Vinicius Honorio which has also carried back through to his 174 bpm productions. As always, expect further material in the pipeline from BTK across 2020.

Catalog Number: DAUDIO45
Release Date: September 14th, 2020, 31st Aug 2020 (Beatport Exclusive)

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