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Bytecode: Ragnarok

Bytecode: Ragnarok

C4C Limited stands as an offshoot for the Cause4Concern brand and it has enabled many newcomer artists to work through their roster to become a defining part of its wider catalogue. And this can be seen through their introduction of Bytecode into their massive discography, who delivers a two-track single for C4C Limited. Named after a technological set of instructions, he gave himself an apt title, executing his music with mathematical precision. He is both a dynamic and versatile drum & bass producer who has been continually pushing boundaries, whilst also consistently delivering music which has enabled his ascent within the drum & bass world.

Bytecode Ragnarok

After emerging in 2018, he’s spent nearly two years making a place for himself within the genre’s scene under several pseudonyms. One of these included the hugely successful group INSTINKT, who proved a force to be reckoned with. However, his solo excursions are just as explosive, something which he demonstrates through his forthcoming single ‘Ragnarok’ and ‘Paradox’.

Through both his history and his sounds, it’s easy to see how he came under the radar of label boss Mark CZA. The beginning of the single, ‘Ragnarok’, is just what you’d expect from a producer like Bytecode. All-encompassing with its cut-throat sonics, Bytecode detonates his destructiveness with a surgical like spin. With growling bass and slamming drum peddles, it’s a driving force and he proves his weight with every meticulously crafted segment. Bytecode goes straight for the jugular with this release and doesn’t release his hold throughout. This is the perfect example of what C4C are about, as well as its Limited bracket.

On the flipside comes ‘Paradox’. With eastern-like guitar plucks it features an epic introduction, one which builds layer upon layer until the tension is palatable. Once it drops, you are taken along for the ride and Bytecode’s tell-tale anarchy kicks into play. Both tracks highlight an important part of Bytecode’s journey. And with C4C at the helm, it’s likely to be an unstoppable rise.

Catalog Number: LTDC4C022
Release Date: 03/08/2020

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