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Burr Oak - Polar Lows EP

Burr Oak – Polar Lows EP 🔊

The name Burr Oak should already be very familiar to Trendkill Records’ most ardent followers. The emergent drum and bass supergroup, formed of Parisien producers Opsen and The Clamps, burst onto the scene last year, striking listeners with their intense, no-holds-barred approach to neurofunk. Drawing on their ever-innovative sound design skills and prolific work rate, the two Frenchmen crafted a whopping four releases for the Prolix-helmed label last year and have since guested on Eatbrain and Cause4Concern in 2020. Now celebrating a homecoming of sorts, October finds the pair returning to Trendkill for the Polar Lows EP, which features a seismic alliance with Austrian duo TR Tactics.

Showcasing their production prowess, the individual contributions from each member of Burr Oak shine through over the course of the three-track project. As a former member of the innovative trio Signs, well-known for their halftime contributions to labels like Noisia’s Division, Opsen audibly leaves his mark on opener and title track “Polar Lows”, which utilises flourishes of snarling, hip-hop inspired breakbeats before searing synths launch it into a riotous climax. Meanwhile, some of the blistering basslines on show throughout the EP are well-aligned with The Clamps’ signature sound, the sum of the two’s contributions making for phenomenal results.

Burr Oak - Polar Lows EP

Add Trendkill labelmates TR Tactics into the mix on “Washoku” and expect a four-way collaboration of epic proportions, deploying both heavyweight synth work and fleeting, atmospheric pauses. Rounding off the EP is the brooding, progressive “Intelligent Suicide”. Introduced with melancholy ambiances and subdued stabs before hurtling towards a gritty, mechanical crescendo garnished with whirring feedback and drilling basses, the song makes for one of the pair’s most intriguing creations to date, serving as a firm reminder that these two titans of the neuro scene have plenty more tricks up their sleeves.

Catalog Number: TKRUK039
Release Date: October 16th, 2020
Buy: https://beatport.com/release/polar-lows/3142974

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