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BRK & Bacon on Hyperactivity

BRK & Bacon on Hyperactivity Music

French label Hyperactivity Music welcomes its label head for their next package alongside music producer Bacon, and together they provide the next part of its release schedule which has enabled the drum & bass imprint to be a driving force within the European scene. BRK has been responsible for many of the grass roots events since they began popping up in Marseille and beyond. Together with one of the newer artists to join their roster, Bacon, BRK shows that it’s not just his event organisation skills, and place at the head of the label, which has caught him international attention. It’s also his own music too.

‘Obsession’ is the forthcoming releases A-side and it merges the intricate production details of both BRK and Bacon, whilst also engineering a track epitomising what Hyperactivity are about as an imprint. BRK and Bacon join forces on ‘Obsession’ through its dripping beat patterns stand in loops throughout the track, before it builds one layer on top of the other, leading into driving stabs of bass and fluttering LFOs. This cut is a sub-slayer and with each stab of bass the mix opens out, taking you on a journey from beginning to end, one with deep chasms and steep drops.

Meanwhile on the flip, you’re presented with ‘Broken Flute’. Bacon and BRK strike the type of bass notes which rumble directly into the heart of the track’s mix, something which enables it to make an impact as soon as it explodes into fruition. This is one of the darker selections to make an appearance within Hyperactivity Music’s record collection and it highlights the versatility which the label boasts. This has been spearheaded by BRK from its creation, so it is no surprise that he delivers tracks of the same calibre. BRK and Bacon show that Hyperactivity are continuing their charge forward, never slowing down with their
ascent to that top.

BRK & Bacon on Hyperactivity

Catalog Number: HYP-034
Release Date: September 9th, 2020
Buy: Bandcamp

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