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Sayko - Bass Portal Live #02 (Vinyl Only)

Sayko – Bass Portal Live #02 (Vinyl Only)

Tracklist by Sayko after PREMIERE!

Gesiman - Bass Portal Live #02
Elwira - Bass Portal Live #01

Fresh video sets!

Check our sick video sets from Clubs & Festivals!

NelliQ - Bass Portal Live #01

NelliQ – Bass Portal Live #01

Dj Hidden - Drumatch presents : Therapy Sessions SK []

Dj Hidden – Therapy Sessions

Gydra - Neuropunk Night

Gydra – Neuropunk Night

Delete - Devastator @ Imagination Festival 2019

Delete – Imagination Festival 2019

Da Tweekaz - Imagination Festival

Da Tweekaz – Imagination Festival 2017

Jam Thieves - Cross Club

Jam Thieves – Cross Club

Phil Tangent - Double Trouble

Phil Tangent – Double Trouble

Bifidus Aktif & Akira - Let it Roll 2019

Bifidus Aktif & Akira – Let it Roll 2019

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The Best Of Neurofunk in July

The Best Of Neurofunk in July

Welcome to the second part of The Best Of NEUROFUNK! This time we look what July brought us. Like a June, July was very rich for new stuffs in our favourite subgenre. So it was not easy to choose the best ones. I hope you will enjoy this selection. Next to this mix I can […]
Bytecode: Ragnarok

Bytecode: Ragnarok

C4C Limited stands as an offshoot for the Cause4Concern brand and it has enabled many newcomer artists to work through their roster to become a defining part of its wider catalogue. And this can be seen through their introduction of Bytecode into their massive discography, who delivers a two-track single for C4C Limited. Named after […]
The best of Neurofunk in June

The Best of Neurofunk in June

Direct from the Bass Portal workshop, we bring you the first special mix consisting of the best in Neurofunk for the month of June. Here, you will find tunes from all of the major well-known labels, as well as works from upcoming producers. Be sure to look out for a batch of free tracks and […]

Short stories

Magnetude: Trail of Tears

Magnetude: Trail of Tears

‘Trail of Tears’ is the next sought after single from Magnetude and represents what the duo aims for when they produce music. And that’s not just to deliver hard-hitting drum & bass, but also to combine their musical skills and assert them into narrative tales. Alongside the intricate detail of its artwork, ‘Trail of Tears’ […]
Fourward - Lose Control LP

Fourward – Lose Control LP

The brand-new album from heavyweight production outfit Fourward has finally arrived on Elevate Records, following the critical success of their earlier ‘Hope’ EP. The Austrian duo are notorious for their streamlined sound, something which enabled them to grow from local DJs in their home city to touring internationally. Having released on a plethora of labels, […]
Bass Portal Live #03

Bass Portal Live #03

Our next Bass Portal Live stream with Drum & Bass! Save the date: 23/07/2020 at 7pm of central european time. Our guests are two djs from Czech Republic N:Force, Fallen Gemini and The Prophecy from Slovakia. 🙌 🙌 Support us and get a chance to be among 5-10 lucky people who will get this […]
Prolix Beyond The Satellite

Prolix: Beyond The Satellite

Prolix has a story which stretches across a variety of labels including Playaz & Ganjatek, RAM, Shogun Audio and more recently Blackout for his epic album, however he’s found his home within the trenches of Trendkill, the label which he manufactured for himself, giving full creative freedom over his work throughout the years of its […]
LiR The Renegade Festival

Let it Roll presents The Renegade Festival

Let it Roll Announced full lineup of The Renegade Festival and this is HUGE! Small festival for maximum 1000 people, but with awesome names like Camo & Krooked, Netsky, A.M.C, Black Sun Empire, Koven and Phace. Tickets are already sold out!
Bass Portal Live #02

Bass Portal Live #02

We are going to introduce our second live stream on 16th of July at 7pm of central european time. You will see Sayko, Gesiman and Honey T, they will take you on jorney through hard basslines. Join us on our facebook event, where we will be posting news about upcoming stream. We are hoping to […]

Skylark is pushing our buttons

Skylark. The young French talent who somehow managed to win all of us over with his modern approach to drum and bass is finally coming out with two euphonious new tracks. His easily recognizable deep subs are making quite an appearance in these forthcoming ear pleasers on DIVIDID. The month of June is bringing us […]

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